Huskies Are The Best Pets And We've Got Proof

Huskies Are The Best Pets And We’ve Got Proof

Some people call dogs the worlds best creature and we are here to prove to you why that is true.

While we can’t deny the fact that keeping a dog is a responsibility in itself, they do however, try their best to make your life easier in a totally non-conventional way. They won’t stop making a mess but they will try their best to be cute about it and cheer you up whilst you clean it up for them. Point is, they have their own ways of being there for you and making your life a little bit brighter. If you already are a dog owner, you know what we mean. They won’t hesitate for a second before taking all your worries away just by their cuddles. As for the new dog owners, or those who are considering getting a new doggo, well, you’re in for a wonderfully amazing adventure. And if you’re confused about which doggo breed to go for, we’ve got something that might help you out! Just scroll down and you’ll see!

1. One of the cutest dog breeds out there!

Also, very dangerous. Please do not pet, the husky might just lick you excessively!

If you haven’t guessed already, we are talking about huskies! We all have a little soft spot for huskies, don’t we? I mean what’s there not to like? They are beautifully mesmerizing, or handsome af, they will make you laugh, they are silly, they are fluffy, and they will keep you entertained! How can you ever say no to that face!

2. Even when they are angry, they look cute AF

Somebody please give this husky some food, So we can get that huge smile back

3. ‘Did the babies come out of me?’

You’re telling me I’m a mom already? Wow…

4. It takes them just a couple of seconds to fall asleep

And then you won’t be able to resist going over to them for some cuddles.

5. They look astonishing without even trying!

With the wind blowing in their face and the beach. Jealous AF!

There will, however, be one problem! They won’t let you focus on anything else but themselves. All your attention is theirs and you have no other option. But lowkey, we all know we wouldn’t mind that – giving them our undivided attention.

6. Give them all your attention!

Or they will be as mad as this one!

7. No matter what they are doing, if you say food,

They’ll be all ears and full of drools!

8. Backseat is not made for them!

Keep them in the front, in front of the AC. Actually, just let them drive!

9. If you’re feeling low, they’ll be there!

Making the silliest of all the faces!

These were just a few facts that we HAD to include to convince you to get a husky. Trust us, your life will never be dull even for a second if you’ve got a husky by your side. Have we managed to convince you or do we need to make another article for that (because trust me, we don’t mind doing so, we can look at these adorable beings all day long)! Let us know what you thought in the comments section below! And, don’t forget to share this with your friends and family, especially those who love huskies as much as we do. Let’s make their day as bright as any husky’s smile!

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