Hilariously Adorable Cat Posts Every Cat Person Needs To See

Hilariously Adorable Cat Posts Every Cat Person Needs To See

  • By Saif
  • October 15, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

I think cat people live a very strange life. Their cat filled lives seems very mysterious to me. They might appear to be normal when you meet them but once they get home to their felines, they take off their humanoid costumes and get into their true state, the state of being slaves to their feline masters!

The idea of having a pet cat sounds really fun. But let me tell you, cats are not really pets, they are more like your roommates. Roommates with litter boxes, and it is your duty to clean the litter boxes. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are little tigers who have mysterious agendas. And with all honesty, we respect that because we don’t really have any other choice and I am sure you will agree with me if you are a cat person.

Try to explain cats, I will wait. I am sure you won’t be able to explain their behaviors entirely. They will leave all the cozy and comfortable places in the house and rest on the most uncomfortable looking spots. Get them a nice sweet little toy, and they will be more interested in the shopping bag that toy came in. I suppose that is some cat logic that humans will never be able to understand.

When you get a cat, your cat becomes in charge of you. Of the household, of your life and of the entire universe! With that aside, cats are really affectionate. And their affection lies in the way they ‘meow’ at you or the way they sit on top of you. Cats are really amazing, you just have to be patient with them! In this article we have collected some really adorable cat moments for all the people who love cats! I am sure you will really enjoy them. Scroll down and see!

1. The look of pure patience!

via Reddit

Is that what ‘calm before the storm’ looks like?

2. Woah, who knew cats would comply to the SOP’s ?

via Twitter

Let’s all learn from the furry leedul balls!

3. ‘I’d like to welcome myself into my new home’

via Reddit

Thanks hooman, you really care for me.

4. ‘Dont be excited human, I just got bored of you so I decided to hop on dada’s lap!

via Reddit

You think I iz warming up to this hooman? HAHAHA NO!

5. Blitz, show us your cute lil paws, pls!

via Reddit

How adorable is this leedul baby!!!!

6. Even I would be excited to have this new set up!

via Reddit

Why can’t my parents think of something like this??

Aren’t all these felines iconic in their own ways? I am sure cat owners are really proud of their lil babies! Also, how lucky are they to have such an entertaining companion in their homes. I hope you are enjoying this article and you are as amused as we are! The article doesn’t end here, we have more for you! Just keep scrolling!

7. Whut.. how can a baby give birth to another baby…

via Twitter

‘are you sure about this hooman?’

8. The definition of perfect timing..

Can we have a continuation of this tiktok?

9. Wow @ cato. This is exactly what had to be done..

This uncanniness can never be explained…

10. Exactly what we wanted to watch, WWE will be proud..

This lady will teach the cats a lesson after seeing this on tv..

11. Want to soothe your soul? Watch this!

My eyes *-* . Also my heart just melted..

I don’t know what we would do without cats. Can’t really imagine my life without them. It would be fair to say that these little balls of fur bring us so much happiness and pleasure. They never fail to mesmerize us with their charm. What do you think about these felines? Aren’t they strange and unusual, but well, why are we even complaining? We love them! Let us know about your opinions and thoughts regarding cats in the comments section below!

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