22 Cats Getting Shamed For Being Absolute J*rks (New Pics)

22 Cats Getting Shamed For Being Absolute J*rks (New Pics)

  • By Sara
  • December 9, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

If you actually own a cat, you won’t get offended by the title of this article.

Wait, cancel that. You can’t own a cat. The cat owns you. That is a universal rule and everyone knows that’s how things work. Cats are extremely bossy and you can never tell them what they can or can’t do. They do whatever they want, whenever they want and no one can tell them otherwise. Their god-like attitude proves that they never forgot they were considered as gods in ancient Egypt. You can’t blame them either. Even us humans act like cats are the superior species, not us.

But these little fur babies are too adorable for us to scold when they do something wrong. However, we can’t always let them get away with things too, right? So what is the next best solution? Well, we can shame them for being jerks. I’m sure they realise what they are doing but I can’t guarantee they are sorry about it. Scroll down below to see 22 cats being shamed for being jerks:

Via Addicted2Groove

1. The Roomba was for the cat. Why would a human need a Roomba?

2. “No one can replace my parents.”

3. This is a nice lamp.

4. Putting a dead mouse in someone’s mouth is a great way to get attention.

5. The burning kitty from Hell.

6. Get yourself someone who looks at you the way this cat looks at the man.

7. Someone needs to tell this cat gluten is bad for her.

8. She seems to love this toy a lot.

9. This little baby is so tiny it is making me feel bad.

10. What is love without pain?

11. The king of the house.

Yes, cats can be evil. They can cause chaos around the entire house at odd hours of the day and night and then act like nothing even happened. Their mood swings are unpredictable. Cats can wreck our entire house but we still can’t get mad at these adorable little babies. They have our hearts and we can never get mad at them for too long. So shaming them is the only option that we have when they are messing around with us. Scroll down below to see more cats being shamed:

12. They can never decide what they want.

13. Fat and happy, that is an accurate description of me.

14. If Winnie can’t eat it, no one can.

15. Nico isn’t a very bright baby.

16. Mastering cones? No problem for Raven!

17. Poop fight!

18. Who needs a guard dog when you’ve got a cat?

19. Cat bowl > Fruit bowl.

20. Humans acting entitled is cringe. It is different for cats though.

21. Dodger is just trying to help!

22. That is a work of art!

Have you ever shamed your cat for something? Share your stories with us in the comments!

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