20 Wholesome Pictures Of Friendship Between Kids And Their Cats

Only a few of us get a chance to grow up alongside a furry little pet and those of us who actually do, are very lucky to have a friend from the very beginning. Having a little furry friend isn’t just all fun and games,  we also get to learn a lot of things such as empathy, sharing, kindness, love, and affection.

Plus, what a cute sight it is; little babies with furry animals. There are several other benefits of children growing up with pets. Sharing a relationship with pets is a source of comfort and love. Pets can also help in the non-verbal development of children. Empathy, which is a necessity now a days, can also be learnt from owning and keeping the pet safe. Especially when parents assist children in understanding their pets sentiment and practices. This also helps in making the future connections – even with other humans, stronger and deeper.

We have collected 20 pictures of children with their companions. These adorable pictures are poof that children and pets do get along!

1. We’re One And The Same!!

Even our hair color matches!!

2. Learning How To Show Love To Each Other.

Both are learning how to reciprocate love and kindness. And I can surely say that they are learning well!

3. Aww! We’re Gladly Welcoming The Newest Member Of The House!

This newborn is not only being welcomed by the parents but also by their cat. Cat holding hands with the baby is such a pleasurable site!

4. Twinning With The Baby!

Being on my back is not a very comfortable position but I want to lie like the baby.

5. Don’t Worry Pal, I Am With You In This!

6. I Will Give You Warmth And Comfort!!

It’s really amazing how both of them are working as heaters for each other.

7. Let’s Snuggle Together!

8. Let Me Feel Your Soft Skin..

Seems like the cat has marked its territory, and there is surely no sharing when it comes to the cat’s territory.

9. How Adorable Is This Furry Feline Looking Into The Eyes Of The Baby!

We both promised, to each other, that we’ll stick with one another through thick and thin!

10. I Want Attention From No One Except The Baby!

These adorable pictures must be making you super happy and keeping your amused. They are really engaging after all! Don’t worry. We have got more for you!

11. I Will Watch Over You When You’re Asleep

Looks like someone has a guardian angel who is willing to protect them at all costs.

12. Waiting For Food Like….

We hope mommy comes back home soon so that she can feed us with our favorite food!

13. We Share The Same Level Of Fluffiness, We Are Surely Siblings!

One baby is surely enough, but one cat? Not really. Cats are never enough!!

14. Regular Blanket? Nahh. I’d Prefer A Cat Blanket!

Look at these two sleeping so peacefully. Aren’t they looking precious?

15. “I Can Look At This Cute Baby For The Entire Day”-Cat!

16. Well, There Is Plenty Of Space For Two!

Cat has surely learned the great lesson, “Sharing Is Caring”

17. First Time Interactions.

Seems like they both are getting to know each other. The baby is already in love with the cat!

18. We Can Have Fun Together, Right?

19. Everyone Pulls My Cheeks & I Want To Pull Yours.

Aww this adorable baby is being so gentle and sweet. Plus I love how the cat is just being patient with the baby. Indeed, a very charming site!

20. Cutest Fist Bump!

Fist bump buddies!

My heart is filled with warmth. Just can’t get enough! What a pure and comforting kind of love. Secretly want to have a baby just so I could see him/her bond with my kitty. What did you think of these adorable babies and cats hanging out together? Let us know in the comments section.

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