50 Wholesome Pics Of Pets Looking At Their Owners With All The Love In Their Eyes

50 Wholesome Pics Of Pets Looking At Their Owners With All The Love In Their Eyes

  • By Saif
  • May 2, 2021
  • 10 minutes read

Your dog’s excited welcome or your cat’s familiar purr is not just passing emotional perks, that is really their interaction with your soul.

That hurried dash to the door to greet us when we come home after a tiring day is also a sign of the strength of the human-canine bond. We dote on our cats and dogs and it’s definitely not a one-sided relationship. Anyone who owns a pet knows the bond of unconditional love that exists between the animal and human even comparable to one’s offspring. Studies have shown that looking into a pet’s eyes can boost our oxytocin (also known as the love hormone of the body) levels which leads to building trust, sincerity and loyalty. Gently stroking a pet can lower your blood pressure levels. That’s how strong a bond can be between a pet and its owner.

When it comes to our daily life stuck in a deadly pandemic, this article will send your boredom socks flying out of the window. These oh-too-adorable pictures of pets looking lovingly into their owner’s eyes are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and boost your energy to the point of tackling that weekly to-do list of yours. We’ve collected some of the most wholesome photos for you to enjoy from the very wholesome r/Catsmirin and r/DogsMirin subreddits. Get ready for some ‘aww’ moments as you go through this article.

You’ll also find our interview about how social pets are and how they respond to shifts in their owners’ moods with the Arizona Humane Society below, so read on to learn something new!

1) Delta Loves Her Dad! This Picture Just Cracks Me Up Haha

Via Honbesdl

2) Charlie Looking Up At Me

Via unicorndanceparty

 3) How She Looks At My Husband

Via alaelh 

Upon talking to one of the representatives of the Arizona Humane Society, we found out that our behaviours can have a huge impact on our pets and their behaviours.

“A few studies have found that pets can mirror their owner’s moods and can be sensitive to human’s feelings of stress and anxiety,” the AHS representative detailed that our furry little friends pick up on our body language and signs we show them.

4) Max And I Have Been Together For 17 Years And He Still Tries To Guilt Me Into Feeding Him Early

Via mastodonpizzles

5) Adopted This Lil Guy A Few Weeks Ago, He Was The Last Of His Litter Adopted Because He Was So Shy. Now He Won’t Leave Me Alone!

Via lovelyflo

6) So Much Behind Those Eyes

Via boxer44

However, they told us that we shouldn’t worry too much about inflicting our stress and anxiety on our pets. “Pet owners do not need to worry about this particular, as pets are more of a social support for us just like we are social support for them.” The AHS rep said that we’re still in charge of our pets’ physical and mental healthcare that’s necessary for them to live long and happy lives.

7) This Is My Favorite Picture Of Us. She Was My Best Friend

Via Carpedicks

8) Husband Came Back Home After A Couple Days. This Is How The Cat Looked At Him While He Slept

Via naazu90

9) Let A Mangy Stray Dog In From The Cold One Day, Years Later And She’s Never Stopped Looking At Me Like This

Via bitchpizzas

“Giving our pets the physical and mental care they require, along with lots of love and safety will ensure a lifetime of reciprocated love and affection between our four-legged friends and their human family.”

10) Mirin Daddy

Via we4donald

11) Hopper Loves His Dad

Via popaulina

12) Simon, My Very Best Boy


Earlier, we spoke about bonding between cats and their owners with Dr. Kristyn Vitale from the Human-Animal Interaction Lab at Oregon State University.

“Our research has demonstrated that pet cats can form stable, affectional attachment bonds with their owners,” Dr. Vitale told us.

13)  Smitten Kitten And Her Man

Via Faebertooth

14) A Precious Meowment

Via Snoozedoggo

15) I Was Told My Little Guy Needed To Be Here

Via reddit.com

“The majority of cats have the capacity to use their owner as a source of comfort and security, especially when faced with stressful or unfamiliar situations. Our research has also shown that cats can be very social toward their owners, especially when their owner pays attention to them,” Dr. Vitale said.

16) Harlee Only Has Eyes For Her Dad, Not His Quesadilla

Via wolfinsocks

17) Midna Loves Her Grandpa

Via kinglucent

18) My Perfect Girl

Via im-actually-a-cat

“Kittens aged 3-8 months and adult cats display secure bonds with their owners. However we don’t yet know how long it usually takes for cats to forms bonds with their owners,” the expert on animal bonding gave us an example.

19) That Loving Feeling! How Can This Look Not Say, “I Love You!”

Via GuybrushBeeblebrox

20) My Mini Loves Me

Via Mr__O__

21) He Turns Me Into A Puddle Every Day

Via abbiemosk

“We do know that at least in kittens, these bonds do not easily change. When we followed up with kittens, 81% of them displayed the same attachment type as they had previously (either secure or insecure). If a kitten was secure during the first testing session, they were likely to be secure upon follow-up. Although we don’t know how long these bonds take to form, they seem to be relatively stable once established.”

22) I Originally Posted This On Another Subreddit. Was Told It’d Be A Good Fit Here

Via diggyrex

23) This Kind Stranger Just Wanted To Play, I Obliged Him And He Loved Me For It

Via 613TheEvil

24) Caught My Little Sausage Mirin

Via heymanmaniac

According to Dr Vitale, we can maintain the secure bonds that form with our pets by being receptive to them, especially during situations that are very stressful. “In humans, we know that attachment bonds can be impacted by how the caretaker handles negative experiences. So if you know that a stressful event is going to occur, such as if you are moving or taking the cat to the veterinarian, it is particularly important to remain calm and provide positive attention to your cat. This can help the cat continue to see you as a source of comfort and security.”

25) They Sit Like This Nearly Every Night Before Bed

Via aveysophie

Pets give people so much in terms of love and emotional support. A dog may show their devotion to you by guarding you while you eat. Dogs often want to protect those they love, even if there’s no real threat — so some dogs show they love their owners by keeping them “safe” while they eat or relax. Similarly, cats will look out for you in the truest meaning of the word. If the bond with your cat is strong, they’ll follow you around. They’ll jump in your lap or just sit in a chair nearby. They might even get slightly depressed when you leave, and greet you merrily when you return. Your pets, cats or dogs, will love you unconditionally and will always be there for you, no matter what.

26) I’m In Love With Theses Eyes

Via reddit.com

27) I Call It “Mutual Mirin”

Via Primary_Purple

28) Squid And My Dad

Via Warped25

29) Was Told This Would Be A Well Loved Post Here As She’s Smiling At Me

Via RubyJune1993

30) Koji; 12 Weeks Old And Already Mirin. I Love This Little Fellow

Via myapurple

31) My Wfh Helper

Via Sweet_cherry-pie

32) 10-Week Old Golden Puppy Mirin Pappy

Via red-plating

33) My Little Guy Arlo Likes To Stare At Me While I Work All Day Every Day

Via krusty-toast

34) Mirin While Being Rocked To Sleep

Via heyjudesmellthis

35) I Think He Loves Me..?

Via reddit.com

36) Got (Gay) Married A Year Ago Today. Here’s Our Flower Pup ‘Mirin Us Brides

Via howlingoffshore

37) We Knew She Was The One When She Started Mirin My Partner When We Visited Her. Getting Her In 1 Week And The Waiting Is Hard To Do!

Via bendygrrl

38) It’s Easy To See Who Petra’s Favorite Parent Is…

Via noahleeann

39) This Is Nala’s Very Beautiful “I Love You” Face

Via 11_throwaways_later_

40) Scout Likes To Cuddle Inside My Sweaters, But She Likes The View On The Outside Better

Via coolforcatzzz

41)  His Daughter Taught Him How To Take Selfies And This Is What The Result Was

Via TheToxicLogic

42) Was Told To Post Rey Cuddling Up With Me On The Couch

Via javawong

43) Lolita’s First Night At Home!

Via reva_r

44) I Don’t Deserve Her, To Be Honest

Via OutgoingOrange

45) One Time I Got The Rare Double Mire

Via AwkwardBalloonMan

46) Just Rescued My Baby Girl From Being Put Down A Month Ago! Most Loving Dog I’ve Ever Known

Via notmelania

47) She Loves Her Dad

Via rijoys

48) Princess Betty And I Had Almost 16 Years Of Loving Gazes But This Is My Favorite

Via icouldusea-hey-yo

49) Melt My Heart Why Don’t You!

Via ritafirefly

50) Stepdad Was Adamant That We Weren’t Getting A Dog. He Still Calls Her A Gremlin, But I Think Their Love Is Pretty Mutual

Via lializzy

All in all, our pets love us to the point where it stops making sense anymore. Some of us even think that we don’t deserve the love they shower upon us but that’s okay. If we are loyal to them, take their care and treat them kindly, it’s all in good hands and will be reciprocated 10X times. Do your pets look at you lovingly? Do you take pictures with them? Do let us know in the comments and share your oh-too-purrfect pictures!

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