17 Dorkiest And Sassiest Cats That Do Everything In Their Own Way

17 Dorkiest And Sassiest Cats That Do Everything In Their Own Way

  • By Sara
  • September 5, 2020
  • 3 minutes read

Wanna see the derpiest creature on Earth? Adopt a cat.

Or do you want a creature that makes you feel like you have a girlfriend that won’t love you back? Get a cat. But if it is also someone who bleps and stares into your soul at the same time, maybe that little furball wants you to pay attention to them. As we all know, cats were considered gods in ancient Egypt. Well, I guess they still consider themselves as gods. You can tell that from the sass that they throw around, sitting and forcing you to do their biddings.

However, no matter how high and mighty they behave, they can be very silly at times. Sometimes a cat can malfunction if they’re sitting in a weird way. They will fight random objects laying around the house and kill anything that is smaller than them. Thank goodness, we are bigger than cats. If you want to see some dorky and sassy feline babies, scroll down below:

1. Just came to say hi.

2. Surprised to see yourself.

3. They aren’t the brightest creatures.

4. Popping out.

5. Cats love boxes.

6. Catatonic.

7. I don’t think he realises the door is open.

8. Enjoying the shade.

Yeah, cats aren’t really that smart. But hey, they are perfect for us. They are goofy and adorable and we love them. Their shenanigans keep us entertained all day. They’ll run around the house and keep you on your toes. Cats are the best. They are OCD inducing machines but you’re going to love it. Scroll down below for the rest of the silly cattos:

9. So close, yet so far. Hooman Help.

10. If I fits, I sits.

11. I’m gonna swing from the chandelier.

12. That looks like flour to me.

13. Just hanging around.

14. Surfer dude.

15. Keep rolling, rolling, rolling.

16. How is that comfortable?

17. Moustache cat.

What did you think of these cute babies? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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