Dogs Hilariously Giving The Most Disapproving Looks To Their Humans

Dogs Hilariously Giving The Most Disapproving Looks To Their Humans

  • By Saif
  • 5 months ago
  • 5 minutes read

Dogs giving the disapproving look, Have you ever been a victim of that look?

If you have, then you might feel better knowing that you are not the only one. Our little puppers are without a doubt really important to us and are considered to be a big part of our families. It might appear as if we know them a lot but can you really tell what’s cooking in their minds when they would give you those disapproving looks?

Dogs have not always been domestic household pets, in fact, centuries ago, their main purpose was to work and they were never disappointed on that as they have had a lot to do but now times have changed drastically. Ever since the dogs have become domestic household pets, their expectations have increased for obvious reasons. Being treated as a part of the family, they have come to expect certain things from their hoomans which can include treats, walks or even cuddles because this is how we have been raising them, as our own little babies. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise when our adorable little puppers are disappointed by us. But what about those “disapproving looks” as we’d like to call it?

Well, our dogs don’t have to approve everything that we do and they can actually find us really stupid, hence, they would end up passing us those stares which would depict that they disapprove this certain act. In fact, some dogs are really good at giving side-eye. For those of you know who don’t know, #DisapprovingDogChallenge went viral all over the social media and people from all around the world are sharing the pictures of their furry companions being all grumpy and passing those dirty looks to them! We have collected some of the most hilarious pictures and would like to share them with you.

1. Let’s start off with this one.

He certainly doesn’t appear to be approving of whatever his hooman is doing.

2. This one be like, “really?”

3. This one’s probably sitting in the backseat while listening to his hooman sing.

4. Here’s the side-eye we were talking about!

5. Damn, Granny looks angry.

She’d be like, “you are late, again”

6. This doggo be like, “And I thought we came to play in the park, not to take pictures.”

7. When your dad catches you using your phone all the time:

8. Awww… smol baby!

9. “I don’t think you can sleep in here today, hooman.”

10. This doggo certainly isn’t happy with the little towel above his head.

Doggo be like, “What am I? An Arabian sheikh? You piss me off, hooman.”

11. Oh. My. HEART! This has got to be the cutest but this poor little pupper is sad about being shamed.

While you’re enjoying all of these hilarious expressions, we would like you to know that not all doggos would display these sort of behaviours. It varies from dog to dog and you better be observant about what they are disapproving of. Anyway, back to the hilarious pictures now! Happy scrolling!

12. “May I ask what the hell is this stoopid shit you’ve gotten me in, hooman?”

13. “I’m not a soldier, hooman. Get rid of this stoopid af watermelon helmet off of my head”

14. When you’re late at work and your boss sees you:

15. Idk about the looks but that dog is gorgeous!

16. “What am I, a hipster?”

Someone definitely doesn’t like his new hairstyle!

17. “I thought you said you’d make me sit ON the passenger seat!”

18. “You think you are some wise man, hooman? You disappoint me.”

19. When you trick your doggo into taking them to a vet.

“You said you’re taking me to the park”

20. This one seems like he just woke up cranky!

21. “It has been an hour and you’re still not off of that thing yet!”

22. When you fit your doggo into a little sweater and he doesn’t like it.

“Get this shit off of me before someone sees how stupid I look”

And you have reached the end of this hilarious post. We are sure that while going through these pictures, you must be like “Oh, phew! Thank God I’m not the only one who disappoints their dog”. So guys, tell us, which one did you find the funniest of all? Have you participated in the challenge yet? Let us know into the comments section below.

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