17 Crossbreeds Dogs That Are Just as Cute as Purebred Dogs

  • By Umer R
  • May 9, 2021
  • 5 minutes read

Have you ever thought of getting a mixed breed pup? You might do that now!

Yep, this article is going to revolve around the beautiful crossbreed dogs and how they are just as beautiful as purebred pups! It’s sad to see how some people are too crazy about pure breed pups because they think that those pups are something “exclusive” but that’s wrong. Crossbreed pups are not just beautiful but come with a lot of advantages too. But before we get into that, we’d like to explain what is cross-breeding to the people who are not sure what are we talking about.

So, what is cross-breeding? It’s a process in which two separate breeds of dogs are used to breed. For instance – you decide to breed a golden retriever with a poodle and what you will get in return is the hypoallergenic properties of a poodle and the personality of a retriever. Isn’t that amazing!? It’s like you can create your own version of a dog! Like you might find it hard to choose between a German Shepherd and a Husky but if you get a mixed breed of them, you would have the best of both the pups!

With numerous of possible combinations, each crossbred pup is as unique as the next. Each time you decide to breed to two different breeds, you’d be amazed by the results you get. We have managed to collect some pictures of beautiful crossbreed pups that are going to leave you in awe. So, what are you waiting for? Grab some popcorns and start scrolling because this is going to get interesting;

1. Let’s start with a mix of Corgi + St. Bernard

via © Pixabay© swisshippo / Depositphotos© tooshiftyfouryou / reddit

So adorable!

2. Ever wanted to keep a Dachshund + German Shepherd?

via © Pixabay© Pixabay© Sardic / reddit

Well, there you go. 2 in 1!

3. Two of your most favorites – Golden Retriever + Husky!

via © Pixabay© Pixabay© humosocute / reddit

This has got to be one of the best!

4. What about Corgi + German Shepherd?

via © Pixabay© Pixabay© gabit4 / reddit

A sleepy doggo.

5. Two of the best – Newfoundland + German Shepherd

via © Pixabay© Pixabay© KayChi09 / reddit 

Wow, this one looks fierce!

6. OMG – This one’s going to be the cutest. A Siberian Husky + Pomeranian

via © Pixabay© Pixabay© cleof3 / reddit

Someone please stop our hearts from melting!

7. How about a Maltese + Beagle?

via © Pixabay© Pixabay© kozel_vojtech / reddit

Yep, we want that!

8. Two of the fluffiest pups – Corgi + Poodle

via © Pixabay© Pixabay© Kush420coma / reddit

We are sold!

Crossbred dogs can learn to be disciplined as easily as purebred alternatives. They can also adopt the personality of their parents, and won’t be timid when socialized around others. As long as the two pure breed dogs you choose to mate are compatible, designing the dog of your dreams is a fairly straightforward process.

9. Ever thought of a cross between St. Bernard + Husky?

via © Pixabay© Pixabay© mileyfunku / reddit


10. Gorgeous cross between a Pyrenean Mountain Dog + Siberian Husky

via © Pixabay© Pixabay© paulstar23 / reddit

Hello there, beautiful little fellow!

11. We were always curious to find out what a cross between Pug + Shar Pei would look like?

via © Pixabay© Pixabay© BuiltStrange / reddit


12. Rottweiler + Labrador

via © Pixabay© Pixabay© Kamms901 / reddit

Look at those paws…

13. This one’s going to be really good – Australian Shepherd + Husky

via © Pixabay© Pixabay© aussiesdoingthings / reddit


14. Want a fluffy pup? Say no more – Samoyed + Husky

via © Pixabay© Pixabay© dejaaurora / reddit

Such a cutie!

15. Here’s a Bulldog + Chihuahua

via © Pixabay© Pixabay© i_am_curs3d / reddit

We bet you are going crazy over the cuteness, aren’t you?

16. How about a Corgi + Chihuahua?

via © Pixabay© Pixabay© Doomncandy / reddit

Incredibly adorable!

17. Not sure how this one’s going to turn out – Labrador + Chihuahua

via © Pixabay© Pixabay© thatone***potato / reddit

What? We get a sleeping pup? Sure, we’ll take it!

At last, we would like to say that these combinations were incredibly adorable and we just couldn’t resist a single one of them. So, we hope that this changed your mind regarding the purebred pups because these one’s are just equally adorable, aren’t they? Let us know which one did you like the most, in the comments section below.

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