This Rescue Pit Bull And Kitten Became Best Friends & It’s Too Wholesome

Some stories are too beautiful to not be shared with the world. This is one of those!

We all know the stereotype; cats and dogs can’t be friends. We all have been believing this since the start of times. Damn you Tom and Jerry for making us believe that! Apart from that, there are also several stereotypes attached to certain dog breeds, particularly Pit Bulls. They have been deemed as one of the most dangerous dog breeds. But what people don’t know is that they are actual sweethearts!

Here’s a story about a Pit Bull and a Kitten that will surely change your mind.

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Meet Wesley, the Pit Bull

Unfortunately, this gentle giant spent a majority of his life in a shelter before being adopted. Nobody wanted to take him home because of the myths attached to his breed and also because he wasn’t exactly a gentle looking dog. However, Maria took a leep of a faith and decided Wesley was the one for her. This proved to be one of the best decisions because Wesley defied all the odds and proved to be the goodest boy of ’em all!

Wesley is not just obedient but also extremely loving and super friendly! This however wasn’t the only risky decision that Maria took in her life.

Now meet Wyatt, the Kitty

Maria rescued Wyatt from the streets. She was scared, like the rest of us are when it comes to dogs and cats, to introduce both of them to each other. Maria hesitated to keep Wyatt in the house. But both Wyatt and Wesley proved that they could be good together and soon their journey of becoming best friends began.

They started off by playing with one another during playtime. The little mischievous kitten, Wyatt, tends to get a little too rough while playing, nibbling on Wesley’s ear but the big sweetheart takes it all and let’s Wyatt do his thing. Talk about being patient!  

Brothers for life!

“Not only do they play with each other, but they have developed some human characteristics that will make you laugh,” Says Maria. She explains how Wesley is the expressive one from the two. “Wesley’s face, for example, is naturally expressive. It’s like a cartoon character. You can always tell what he’s thinking,” she continued.

Stronger Together.

Wyatt not leaving his brother behind, also has adorable habits to express how he feels.  “Every time he and Wesley hug, the cat’s purr is so loud that it could wake up the neighbors,” explains Maria.

“I think I was attracted to both of them because of their strange characteristics,” she said. “And I think that’s also why they get along so well. They are both such special souls.”

Want to be as cozy as these two best friends.

You can already tell how inseparable they are!

Soon after meeting, these two decided to spend all their time with one another. They even do everything together! From eating with one another to playing with each other. And not to mention the obvious, but sleeping with one another! Their love was so beautiful that their instagram has over 170,000 followers!

As if these pictures weren’t enough for our hearts,

Here are some amazing videos;

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swipe ➡️ to see Wyatt yell at me for ruining their moment🙃

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Their bond is so strong, it’s hard to keep them apart!

Yep, that’s 1000% evident!

This story certainly did warm our hearts. It’s filled with nothing but love for these two. All the myths and stereotypes went flying out the window. We couldn’t be more thankful to Maria for sharing this story with the rest of the world to help bring a change. It’s not about what you think the Pit Bulls and Cats might do, but how you stay with them. If you show them love, that’s what they are going to learn!

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Picture Credits: wesleythechickennugget

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