Here's Why Are Some Cats Totally Obsessed With Plastic

Here’s Why Are Some Cats Totally Obsessed With Plastic

By the title of this article, you must already know that we are going to be talking about our most favorite creature on this planet – Cats! We love them so much so that we tend to ignore their weirdest behaviors just on the basis of how cute they are. And why shouldn’t we? They keep us happy. The feeling you get when a cat comes up to you and rubs her head on you, or starts licking you, is truly indescribable. If that’s not happiness, we don’t know what is!

The love a cat owners has for cats makes them adore even the weirdest of things that they do. However, obsession with plastic still doesn’t fail to strike a nerve. There are cats that are absolutely obsessed with scratching plastic bags and cat owners find it absolutely obnoxious. Here some scientifically explained reasons why cats tend to have an obsession for plastic. Scroll down and find out!

Food Odour

A majority of plastic bags that are thrown away (not all the time. Sometimes cats just magically find one and never let it go) usually have food items in them. Though the item is taken out, the odour tends to stick by. Cats, with their vivid olfactory senses, get attracted towards these bags in search of some food residue. Hungry little ones!

To Combat Boredom

These incredibly clever species actively require stuff that keeps them indulged in something fun and exciting; basically something new! For this reason, amongst others, many cats initially get attracted towards exploring the plastic sport. This triggers a hormonal effect and eventually an obsession is built. Therefore, while going out or when your pet is alone make sure that it has some interesting cat toys around to play with them. Or, instead of getting toys, get something that you think your cat might enjoy out of your own possessions. Because let’s get real, you can get billions worth of toys and they’d still prefer playing with a paper ball.

The Crinkle Noise

There are cats who scratch or play with plastic solely as a fun sport. The plastic bags make a crinkling sound when cats play with them furiously. This particular sound produces relishing effects on the cat and so, they are attracted towards that noise even more than usual. This eventually develops an obsession. A remedy for this problem can be to provide your pet with a toy that generates a similar crinkling sound. Doing so might ensure your pets safety and you would successfully be avoiding potential danger caused by the plastic bag like choking or getting stuck, And honestly, would save your life too because you can finally avoid the constant crinkling sound.

Flavoured Raw Materials

The plastic bags are manufactured with some biodegradable material such as corn starch. The smell and taste of this material can be delightful for the cats. A more justifiable opinion is that the plastic bags are processed with stearates which are made out of animal fat. Also, in order to prevent plastic from being sticky, fish oils or scales are used. Hence, all these flavoured raw materials excite the cats causing them to develop a certain kind of fondness for plastic.

Hazards of Plastic Obsession

The hazards of plastic consist of a long list. They’re generally tainted with harmful chemicals, can lead to choking or suffocation if swallowed and is highly indigestible. In conclusion, cat owners should vigilantly supervise their pet and incorporate other creative remedies alongside, at least until it has developed proper habits. This will prevent their cats from developing an obsession with plastic!

The Obsession is Compulsive

According to a scientific theory, the concept of plastic rubbing or scratching in cats is originated from a compulsive disorder known as wool sucking. The disorder interlinks with the habit or compulsion of eating non food items called pica. An underlying cause of developing such an obsession could be that the cat is under nourished and so tends to seek those required nutrients in these non food items.

Was this informative and helpful? Has your cat too, started to bother you with its plastic obsession? For us, all of this was brand new information.  And, we have so many more of these for you! If you have another theory regarding cats plastic obsession or some crazy story of your cat, drop it in the comments section below!

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