15 Adorable Reasons Why German Shepherds Can’t Be Trusted

  • By Malaika
  • November 2, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

German shepherds are the best.

I absolutely do not mean that they are in any way superior to other species but you have to admit they are big softies. Sure, they might look a bit intimidating at times since they can protect their owner as well as any bodyguard. However, they are truly lovely if you get to know them.

Although we are not here today to sing their praises and everyone already does that. We want to shed the light on the dark side of these doggos. They have many secrets and that is why they can’t be trusted. Don’t believe me? Just read on below and you’ll understand.

#1 First of all, they are way out of our league with how cool they are.

#2 They know when they are right and love to rub it in your face with their toothy grins.

#3 You expect them to greet everyone with a friendly grin but they can be quite intimidating.

My wife put our dog’s bed outside, cleaned the floor, went downstairs to walk the treadmill, my Shepherd came to the top of the stairs and barked till she came back up, put his bed back by my chair, laid on it just happy as a lark. They’re HUMAN. –Doug Lee

#4 They will ruin all the hard work you did doing your laundry.

#5 Even if you get them a separate bed, they will hog yours and not let you sleep.

#6 You will never be able to say no to them because are master manipulators.

#7 They will always act hungry even if they just finished their dinner.

All so true but I forgot one important fact …never set a whole salmon to dethaw when your buddy is inside…he was happy I was hungry. –Dave Normart

#8 They will not play according to your schedule. They will wake you up in the middle of the night to play.

#9 They are sneaky ninjas and will vanish when they have done something wrong.

#10 You will never have any sort of privacy when they are around. They are worse than babies.

#11 Even if you go by the no sitting on furniture rule, they will pay it no heed.

#12 They are unique and quirky, thus your friends may leave you to be with them.

#13 You have to get used to always feeling bad because they will be better than you at everything.

#14 Your other pets will always play with them and leave you feeling lonely.

We have learned so much with our 15-month old, 85 lb. black german. Our first german shepherd we rescued as an adult – none of the puppy stuff. Nikita is the craziest, smartest, and most manipulative little (tee hee) stinker!!! –Bob Michele Ensz

#15 At the end of the day, you can’t help but love them.

What are some other things that make you love german shepherds? Let us know in the comments down below. And don’t forget to share it with other dog lovers as well.

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