Purr-fect Cat Posts That Are Too Cute To Miss Out On

Cats have been a major part of our lives and some of us can not even imagine our lives without our furry little babies by our side. And it’s the same for cats as well. Domestic cats, well some of them, actually can not bear to be without their humans. They love their humans so much, though they might not express it as much, that they have a specific langauge for them. In fact, did you know, cats meow only for humans! Yep, you heard that right. When cats have to communicate with other cats, they only use their body language to do so. So, if you ever hear your cat meowing randomly, it’s all for you!

This just makes us love our little cuties more and more! No wonder cats and humans have been best friends for over 10,000 years now. We doubt this bond will ever end. If anything, it’s bound to keep getting stronger. How can it not? They are way too adorable for us to ever let anything ruin this precious bond. We’re pretty sure if they’d let us, we would keep cuddling them for days. But oh well, we can only wait for these moody little fur-balls to give us some attention.

But for now, we can just look at these wonderful cat pictures and adore them from afar. They are so wholesome that they’d make your day better by 1000 percent! Doubt us? Well, check them out yourselves. We are eager to prove you wrong! 😉

1. The purrfect cuddle buddies!

u/craftycrafton / Via reddit.com

Excuse me, do you mind if we squeeze in, too?

2. No sir, your cat got a doll house!

u/Thats_right_asshole / Via reddit.com

And this cat is curious to know who the invader is!


u/SoySauce_McGiggles / Via reddit.com

This one could fit in a cup.

4. Pee-a-boo! I see you.

u/Mabaum / Via reddit.com

Wouldn’t mind being interrupted by this one.

Is it possible that we could like… take all the cats and the cat people and put them all together? And then we can live happily ever after. Darn, that is definitely a dream. We would be the happiest we’ll ever be. These cats are making me feel like stealing them all away and keeping them hidden with me. Yeah, that’s how cute they are. Perhaps, I have cat fever. And pretty sure you may be having one, too. So, continue scrolling and don’t forget to spread the love!

5. The Qween!

u/skriptzzbaby / Via reddit.com

This one can rule the world and we’d happily follow!

6. I wonder what they’re looking at…

u/rainydayparade87 / Via reddit.com

Is it weird that I’m hella curious?!

7. Where’s my cat?!

u/daggieoh / Via reddit.com

I gotta try this out .


There is no way I’m NOT trying this. IT IS HAPPENING. AND IT IS HAPPENING NOW!

Why do all good things gotta come to an end?! This is just sad. An emotion we are sure you can relate to as well. But not to worry, we will soon come up with new cat articles to keep ya’ll entertained (also ourselves).

Let us know what you thought in the comments section below. You can (and should) also share pictures of your cats! We’d love to see them! And don’t forget to tag all your cat-loving friends and family.

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