Cats That Were Caught In Hilariously 'Compromising' Positions

Cats That Were Caught In Hilariously ‘Compromising’ Positions

  • By Saif
  • September 1, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Since you have managed to come across this article, we are assuming that either you’re a cat lover or perhaps you’re just in here for some good laugh. But we assure you that either way, it’s going to be a win-win situation for you. When we talk about the most famous creatures on earth, cats and dogs would always come up first. However, as this article is specifically dedicated to the cute felines, we are gonna have to excuse the dog lovers.

Cats are certainly one of the most cutest, prettiest and adorable creatures. Words cannot simply define the amount of cuteness that cats have been filled with. Planning to work on your laptop? Your cat would start walking all over your laptop or just lie down there randomly. Going to the toilet? Your cat is going to sit at the door and meow at you till you come out or let it inside. These are the adorable moments we are talking about but they have their naughty, weird, hilarious and destructive moments too.

However, we are not going to talk about that because those expressions cannot be simply put into words. We have managed to gather up a few pictures that owners took of their cats while they are caught in the goofiest and compromising positions. Brace yourself for the laughter that’s about to hit you.

1. “I em a nugget, hooman”

I LEGIT THOUGHT IT’S A NUGGET. Just a little hairy nugget.

2. “I’m here to take your soul”

Damn, at first it seemed like his brain is visible…nvm

3. “Hey, can u do dis?”

Pretty sure we can’t.

4. “I em a bat”

And we are assuming that you didn’t cause all that destruction, right? Mr Bat?

5. “I was not eating the yougurt, I just fell in it”

Of course baby, why would we even assume that you were eating it?

6. “Crap, he’s going to find out that I’m a Dracula”

Yep, we saw that.

7. “Go tell your hooman, he ain’t gonna help you cause I’m the boss”

Aww, lil bunny, sorry we can’t really do anything about it.

These little felines are a pure box of happiness. A complete package, we’d say. Don’t wanna have actual babies right now but having baby fever? Just get a little kitten and you will know what you are getting into. Keep scrolling to witness more of these hilarious moments.

8. “I’m gonna do that back flip I saw on TV”

Yep, that’s right. You’re halfway there.

9. “Doesn’t she get tired of taking pictures?”

With a cute fatboy like you? Nope

10. “I can’t even get up and this stoopid hooman has started taking pictures”

But you still look adorable, you lil fluffer.

11. “You’re going to regret this”

I can already see that in his eyes.

12. “Hey mommy, look, I’m a ninja”

This feline can give yoga classes too.

13. “Glass feels nice. I’ll sleep here”

Look at those paws!!!

14. When your mom asks you to get up and take her out for grocery shopping. Me:

But I’m being so cosy right now!

15. “Glass feels nice. I’ll sleep here”

Look at those paws!!!

Oh well, now you know what we meant when we were talking about these little one’s being all destructive and weird. Thanks to these people who successfully managed to capture these hilarious moments at the right time. We hope you’ve had a good laugh and you’d keep on coming back for more. Before we let you go, we’d like to know which one did you like the most? Let us know into the comments section below.

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