This Awesome Wooden Bed Includes A Playground For Cats

  • By Sara
  • November 15, 2020
  • 3 minutes read

Where was this bed my entire life?

If you are a cat owner, you probably know that your cat owns your house. Every piece of furniture is claimed by them. However, no matter how many cat beds you get, they will never sleep on them. They like to capture our territory instead, like our couches and beds. You can’t even say “no” to them because they are the boss of the house, we have no right to claim our own furniture too.

However, you must also face problems while you’re sleeping at night. If you have a couple of furry feline friends at home, you have probably woken up around 3 AM plenty of times by your kitty jumping on top of you because it wants to play around.

Specific cat furniture is also very expensive, so what would be the perfect solution to this problem? The incredible Colombian brand CatLife has solved all our cat-furniture related problems through their Gatrimonial bed.

It looks like a normal bed at first.

Sure, it seems like a beautiful wooden frame with a creative design using holes as patterns, but when you remove the mattress from above, an entire playground for cats will reveal itself. There is a labyrinth for the cats to play in, and multiple holes in the sides so they can enter and exit whenever they want.

This bed will facilitate both you and your cat.

“With our bed, our cat clients don’t feel invaded in their territory, nor do they have to run looking for a safe space to hide,” the CatLife designers explain.

“Under this bed, they find a quiet place, full of calm and security, and best of all, it still has the same functionality for the owner! You will continue to rest as you normally would, but now, you provide a unique den to your cat,” says the brand.

Love the idea of this bed?

You can simply purchase it at the CatLife website.

This definitely seems like heaven for both humans and cats. Would you ever buy furniture to accommodate both you and your furry friend? Share your thoughts about this bed with us in the comments below!

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