22 Pictures Of Cats Flying Back To Their ”Mother Ship”

  • By Hashir
  • July 19, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Cats Are Extraterrestrial Creatures And Now There’s Proof

For a long time we’ve thought to ourselves that maybe cats are from another planet because they act so strange. But, there wasn’t any evidence to prove this theory, so we always ignored. However, it appears our innocent looking felines are, in fact, not that innocent. Recently, many cat owners have shared photos of their cats mysteriously floating in air as if they were “flying back to their mothership.” Though a little is known about this new phenomena, the experts are saying that these cats are reporting back to some secret base in outer space.

You must be thinking that we are being sarcastic. But believe me, if we hadn’t seen the following pictures from our own eyes, we wouldn’t have believed either. The cat photos—that were unexpectedly taken much to their surprise—clearly show cats levitating in mid-air as if they were ready to leave the earth and update the unworldly creatures about humans.

Don’t believe it? Scroll down and see it for yourself.

“Must report back to the base and update about human activity.”

Up, up, and away we go!

“This is insanity, hooman. You won’t even let me return home in peace.”

Aerial mode: ON.

Not sure if this cat was reporting back to its ship or praciting ballet dance.

When you’re being a typical cat and not responding back to the airship, so they take you in by force.

All the times we caught our cats doing strange activities make sense now. We have seen them countless times staring at the walls or even at the ceiling for absolutely no reason. At the time, we weren’t sure why they were doing that, but now it makes sense. They were basically processing all the information they collected and were making sure they had the backups ready. Or, maybe they were just rebooting. Who knows?

This cat looks like he’s seen a ghost.

When you’re changing into your actual self at midnight, but the human decides to take your picture.

Levitating catto.

Cannon ball (cat edition)

Ninja attack.

Mission Impossible: Cat version.

Airship sucking up lazy cat pt 2.

Cat getting ready for world domination after unlocking all of its chakras.

“That’s how it’s done, partner.”

When you forget how to fly so you try jumping in a funny way.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (Cat edition)

Protip: If your human ever catches you flying just pretend like you’re stretching.

When your human sees you fly but you make sure it’s the last thing he ever sees.

This cat may look like he’s levitating but he’s actually riding an invisible broomstick.

Well, what do you guys think? Do you believe these cats are in constant contact with supernatural forces or do you think these are all just conspiracy theories? Drop a comment below and share your thoughts with us. Also, if you have photos of your flying cats share them with us as well!

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