Woman Spots Dog's Face In The Sky After Her Death, Other People Shared Similar Moments

Woman Spots Dog’s Face In The Sky After Her Death, Other People Shared Similar Moments

  • By Saif
  • September 16, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

We all are animal lovers here, we know our love knows no limits when it comes to our pets. Their existence makes us laugh and smile on the bad days and they make our happy days even happier. Such an impact they have on our lives. God forbid, the thought of them ceasing to exist send shivers down our spines so mostly we just push this bad inevitable truth far away until someday it actually happens. For a pet-owner, nothing could be sadder and they are just inconsolable, rightfully so.

Lucy faced such a misfortune when she lost her family dog of 14 years named Sunny on 20 June. Sunny was the most gorgeous Parson Russel Terrier with the cutest eyes, you could just get lost in them! Sunny took his last breaths in this world in the arms of Lucy’s father as they were just getting ready to go to the vet. She left this world and Lucy alone in the car seat of the family’s car. Lucy was left with a deep void which can not be filled with anything or anyone else in the world, having a dead pet is the most heartbreaking thing in this world. Because these lil innocent and pure creatures do not deserve such an ending. Animals should live forever! they are too precious for death.

Lucy spotted Sunny’s face in the clouds shortly after her departure!

via LLedgeway

As Lucy wept in the same car seat where Sunny took her final breaths, her boyfriend consoled her. But no amount of consoling could mend Lucy’s, broken heart. At that point, when they were crossing Clifton Ings, it’s where Lucy and Sunny used to go for walks, Lucy yearned for a sign to know her precious baby Sunny is alright.  At that very moment, Lucy looked up at the sky and to her surprise and utmost delight she saw Sunny smiling down at her through the clouds! Can you believe that? Lucy was taken over by emotions, she laughed and said, “That’s my girl”. She captured the moment with her camera to always treasure it so she can look at it whenever days become extremely hard without her adorable doggo.

Lucy along with her boyfriend witnessed this miracle and decided to capture it forever

via LLedgeway

This occurrence helped Lucy believe that Sunny was in a better place and that she will always be there with her, looking down at her from the sky like an angel she was. We are so glad that Lucy got her sign and closure that Sunny is alright.

This picture of Lucy with her baby doggo Sunny is so Wholesome! Happiest together!

via LLedgeway

When Lucy shared her story on twitter with the picture of Sunny in the clouds, many people came forward with their heartwarming stories of how they felt their pet’s presence in the surroundings after their departure from this world.

We love this previously pet owner’s support for Lucy! This snow-ball tellin’ his mamma he’s okay through clouds!

via @callmetitch

Our heart just exploded with emotions! Sweet dog!

via w_chitty

No dog footprint has ever made us this happy! That’s the cutest paw-print EVER

via Clare_Louise33

Only those who went through the same thing can understand your pain truly! Such cute doggo!

via XOXOJenny510

Heartbreaking-ly beautiful! This pet was too precious for the world!

via tayluhh21

It is so touching that these pets are sending signs to cheer their hooman parents even after their departure!

via Errca_xoxo

Hearts never get blinded, do they?

via CamToTheK

This big boy wanted his hooman family to know he’s all good and playing in the heavens!

via Amy___O

Rainbows spell as happiness! That cat is happy, so cheer up hooman!

via leah_lyman

Our hearts can’t handle this!

via serchez7

This kitty lit the sky with her colours! truly magical!

via xgeorgiamw_

This lady reminding others to cherish the time they have with their pets!

via chloeeadeyx

We are glad that she was blessed with the sight of a shooting star after the difficult loses she faced!

via SalBowes

We love how people are there for each other, offering support on twitter!

via Antiguamann

Our heart goes out for this dog momma!

via DanielleMolloyX

Our heart is filled with mixed emotions; we are sad for all those who shared their heartbreaking experiences of losing a pet but we are happy that all of these people came out with their stories to make each other feel good. And we are in awe of the animal’s limitless love, who after leaving this world consoled their hooman parents with signs to make their presence felt and for letting them know that they will always be with them in spirit. These stories were so heartbreaking-ly beautiful, they tell us about what real and infinite love seems like. Share this post with your loved ones, to tell them you love them! And lastly, cherish your pets while you have them!


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