Woman Puts Up A Feeder Camera In Her Yard And Took Some Amazing Photos

Have you ever tried to catch a wild bird? Well, forget about catching one, did you ever try taking a picture? If not, you won’t know the struggle. People who have tried would surely know what an impossible task it is. These wild birds have extremely heightened senses due to which they know that you’re trying to walk towards them so they can just fly away from your proximity. You really need to plan things out and play it strategically.
However, one woman managed to accomplish this task! Lisa, who also goes by the name of Ostdrossel, loves to capture pictures of these wild birds. As Lisa started capturing those birds, she got so fond of it that she ended up placing a feeder cam into her backyard. Now it has become her full-time hobby to capture pictures of birds from up close while they enjoy their birdfeed. They end up naturally posing for the camera which they are not even aware of. Genius, isn’t it?
We know you are anxious to look at those amazing variety of different species. Are you ready? Scroll down to amaze yourself with nature’s beauty!

1. And you thought you are the only one who eats junk?

“me after quarantine” – t.e.a

2. Wow. Is he going to drop the hottest album of 2020?

Back in 2012, Lisa decided to move from Germany to Michigan and she was astonished to see the variety of wildlife species in her new backyard. Every day she would watch them and get intrigued by it. That’s exactly when her journey of becoming a photographer started. She came up with the idea of feeding the birds while she captures pictures of them. During her interview with Bored Panda, she described how badly she wanted to share those pictures with her family back in Germany and show them how there are so many different species as compared to what she would usually notice back home. “When I moved to the US from my native country Germany, I noticed that the birds here are more colourful and different than in Germany. I wanted to share them with my family and started taking photos,” Lisa told to Bored Panda during an interview.

3. Is anyone watching me? I’m not the chipmunk who can sing and get you rich, okay?

look at this cheeky little thing. is this another type of bird that we dont know of? hmm…

4. Birds aren’t the only redheads on this planet!

Wow, this bird must really be famous amongst the ladies if you know what I mean. *wink wink*

5. No papparazzi please!

Maybe you could just take a picture of me from the back while I flaunt my beautiful feathers.

6. Feather sweater!

Yep, who needs an actual sweater when you’re full of feather. Am I right, birdie?

7. Not sure if they are being lovey-dovey or he’s trying to snatch the food?

Do you both need some privacy or should we be calling the bird police? confusions, confusions!

8. Don’t look at me while I’m trying to eat, okay?

Angry birds IRL.
Initially, when Lisa decided to become a photographer, she didn’t want to rush, so she started off with a pocket camera. As she started getting better, she bought a DSLR but she still couldn’t capture the wildlife unguarded and up close. So, she came up with an idea of setting up a feeder camera in her backyard and that was surely a genius move!  She told Bored Panda that “I enjoy seeing the beauty of the bird anatomy, the delicate patterns, the feathers, the colours, and of course their antics. How they pose, etc. The creative process mainly consists of choosing the best photo out of thousands that my system takes each day and then editing it a bit. The reward is being able to share it with the world and seeing how others enjoy it as well, learn something, or are becoming more fascinated by nature.”

9. How about a little side pose?

LOOK AT THE DETAILS THOUGH! AMAZING!10. Where were you flying last night?

10. The red one look so guilty though!

Red one: I wasn’t trying to eat from your side. Nope, that wasn’t even me. It must’ve been another bord. See, there it goes..

11. Im here to take your soul!

Or maybe just the food?

12. Did you just trick me?

My friends said there’d be food here. The disappointment is real.

13. This one looks like he has some supernatural powers.

Are you trying to summon the bird demon or what? Should we be calling for backup..?

14. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Beauty beauty beauty!

15. What? We are not supposed to eat them?

Promise I’m not trying to steal. I’m just making sure these seeds are IN the bowl. Clean and all, ya know?

16. Wait a minute, is that a camera?

Look at that beautiful blend of colors

17. Did they see me yet?

“I am SO a bird. Have you not heard of the…um…lesser striped chipmunkbird? We’re flightless, you know.” – Downunderdude

18. There’s a camera here? Say what?

Hey, cool hairstyle!
It started as a random fascination for Lisa but it quickly caught up to her and became her full-time hobby. She would wait anxiously for the entire day to pass so that she can look at the various species that her feeder camera managed to capture. People nowadays have gotten so busy in their lives that they don’t even pay attention to their surroundings anymore. Lisa couldn’t control her joy when she spotted an exotic hummingbird. “The most exotic birds are mostly coming during spring migration. I had a summer tanager one time and a pine warbler. Every day is a new chance to get something special in the yard, be it a scene or an animal. I am not hunting for exotics, I try to find the beauty in every day.” It didn’t take long before these birds began to raise their young and her feeder became a central part of fledglings growing up. “Birds do return, I can recognize them by their markings. There is a grackle, for example, that we named Count Drackula, which has white dots around the neck and looks especially grumpy.”

19. I am a bird of discipline

I follow the rules!

20. This food is the same color as me, sweet!

Camouflaged? yep!

21. This thing’s delicious, Harry.

How come we don’t eat here more often?

22. I’m in a hurry so I’d just take as much as I can grab.

The new term is – “if it fits, I eats”.

23. Stop eating my food, Marv!

Fight me!
“I use two setups. One is a homemade set up with an action camera in a weatherproof box, with which I mainly take closeup photos. The other one is a camera by the company Birdsy. It works with AI and records videos when the AI identifies a bird or animal in the frame. The videos are stored in my Birdsy account, from which I can download and edit them, watch them, or share them. Birdsy is still in the test phase, but will be launching very soon. There is more information on their website. I have been using this camera for about a year now and absolutely love it. The fun thing is that it captures scenes you would normally not see, like squabbles at the birdbath or birds feeding their babies,” explains Lisa during an interview to Bored Panda.

24. Hey John, do you think someone’s watching us?

Dis ma corner and dats yo corner. *nom nom*

25. I forgot my umbrella today!

Looks like a bad boy birdie.

26. You want a piece of this?!!

Get outta my face before I eat you, too!

27. Did I not tell you to not start eating without me!

‘INCOMING!!! WHEEEE! Oh, piss off, Brian” – Downunderdude

28. These worms are not fresh, where’s the manager?

What kind of service is this? I will sue

29. Dine in or take away?

Take away, please! Sorry, I’m in the rush.

30. When you’re dieting and someone is eating delicious worms in front of you.

It’s okay. We know how you feel birdie.
Did you enjoy it or did you enjoy it? Those are the only two options you have. Did you like those sneaky little chipmunks? We surely did. But mostly the birds. Damn, there was so amazing and beautiful. Nature really do be like that. Let us know which one of these beauties was your favourite in the comments section below! You can share your wildlife photography with us as well. We can’t wait to see them.
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