Hilarious Texts You'd Get If Cats Could Text(13Pics)

Hilarious Texts You’d Get If Cats Could Text(13Pics)

  • By Malaika
  • 4 weeks ago
  • 3 minutes read

What if cats could text?

I am well aware that they do not have opposable thumbs so it would be quite hard. And the fact that they don’t speak in a language that we understand. However, we are just spitballing here, so what they could do all of these things? There has sadly not yet been a technology that lets us understand our pets but I am sure that the future will bring that to us.

Although until then we can satiate our curiosity by imagining what they would be like looking at the behavior of most cats. We all know they would be like that one friend in our group who is too dependent upon you and keeps annoying you no matter the time or place. I am sure a name popped into your mind when you read that. Well, get ready to get into the mind of a cat, figuratively speaking of course.

#1 The cat didn’t tell you because she was sorry, she just wanted to let you know.

#2 That is one way to get scared in the middle of the night when you see two beady eyes judging you.

#3 Honestly, we should just expect this from now.

A great business strategy for companies would be to develop claw-proof earphones. Because I know many homes with pets would definitely be interested in buying those.

#4 I figured the cat would say, look in my stomach but this is much less weird.

#5 Actually cats can also sometimes get stuck in plastic bags which is just plain troublesome.

#6 Cats want some good representation on TV as well!

#7 I can just imagine a cat doing this.

#8 They never want the things that are already there. Quite like humans in that regard.

#9 That is going to be a nasty surprise.

#10 She is probably stuck under a couch somewhere and too embarrassed to let anyone know at this point.

#11 How ‘considerate’ of him.

#12 Rather than spending money on our cats, we should just get them cardboard boxes.

#13 We definitely have no idea what that is all about.

Do you think these texts were accurate? Or would your cat act differently on text? Why not let us know in the comments? And don’t forget to share so others can enjoy some light-hearted fun as well.

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