Deaf Man Adopts Deaf Dog & Teaches Him Sign Language

Deaf Man Adopts Deaf Dog & Teaches Him Sign Language

  • By Murtaza
  • May 14, 2021
  • 3 minutes read

Two best friends adapt to each other.

Stray animals aren’t any less than special breeds and deserve just as much love as your home pets and that is something that everyone has to agree on. Stray and abandoned animals have nowhere to go, and they share the same pool of feelings as your pets. So however you treat them, they’ll always respond honestly. A stray animal who’s been through hardships will always love you above anyone and anything else for giving it a new home and looking after it. Rescuing an animal is the best thing anyone can ever do because these little creatures cannot talk at all, they cannot express what they’ve been through unless you look hard enough. Looking after an animal that’s been through hardships is the best deed anyone can commit and within just a couple of days, you and your stray friend would be inseparable for even mustering the slightest of love and devotion for them.

12 week-old Emerson was brought to a shelter. Prior to this, he sustained an injury on his right leg and had gone deaf. The little puppy wanted to get adopted since he was the only one left to get adopted. Nick Abbot, a 31-year old man suffering from deafness, visited the shelter one day and on his visit, he immediately noticed Emerson. It was like they were meant for each other and the little guy started clinging onto Nick like Nick was his dad, which is the cutest thing to witness.

That’s where Nick realized that him and his new friend shared a very beautiful bond together. Nick understood that the puppy was also deaf and needed great assistance to get his needs met. So as soon as Emerson moved in with his new dad, Nick started teaching him sign language so there isn’t a communication gap between both of them.

As someone suffering from deafness himself, Nick didn’t face any hesitation or issue teaching the little puppy sign language. Nick was really happy to have his new friend around as he wasn’t just an ordinary dog, he was a special dog. As reported by Nick himself, Emerson had a really tough time being adopted by anyone because he was deaf, which is just heartbreaking if you think about it.

Nick started with the basic ”sit and stand” commands for the puppy to understand and slowly taught him a lot more until the puppy could communicate better. And that’s just awesome on Nick’s part. This adoption helped both Emerson and Nick, and there are no doubts about that.

Would you ever adopt a special dog or any other animal? Do you think disabled animals should be adopted first? Let us know in the comment section below.

God bless Nick and his new friend and may their smiles never fade away.

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