20 Wholesome Dog Rates That Prove All Dogs Are Good Boys

  • By Hashir
  • September 4, 2020
  • 2 minutes read

There ain’t no pet like a dog. They are spectacular. No one can match their style. They’re friendly, helpful and empathetic. How on earth can they possibly not be good boys and girls? Our dogs are extremely precious to us. They know all our deepest darkest secrets but never judge us. They see we mess up sometimes but they never they leave our side. They know we’re not perfect and sometimes it gets hard for us to love our selves, but they never stop believing us and keep loving us. They are a true example of a best friend.

Every dog is unique and has its own specialities. Some are working dogs and others just stay at home, making sure we’re well taken care of. However, some dogs are quietly fighting their own battles in silence. Not saying a word and constantly trying to make it through each day. Life is not easy for anyone, but we can still make each day count. We are too blinded by our own problems that we overlook the struggles of those around us. Just like us humans, some dogs are warriors fighting every second on the battlefield of life against the deadly diseases. All our dogs need from us is loads of love, care and affection. Here are 20 tweets from @dog_rates — our daily dose of good boys and good girls. Scroll down to check them out.

#1 Way to go girl!  She’s definitely 12/10.

#2 First impression is the last impression.

#3 Hugs keep us alive. Such an adorable girl she is.

#4 Aww… feel better soon sweety.

#5 Beating the heat in style.

Naturally, dogs are extremely happy animals. They have a zest for life like no other, even humans. Sometimes, when we’re in the darkest of times and nothing seems to really work out, our dogs step forward and cheer us up. There’s more to dogs than what meets the eye. They also possess extraordinary healing and soothing skills that really come in handy why someone is not having a great time. They feel the emotions of others and give them a reassuring hug. Because sometimes all you need is a hug and reassurance that everything will be alright.

#6 Looks like this tiny house hippo is sad, but still a good boy tho.

#7 Getting in shape is a form of self-love and she’s nailing it.

#8 “I eat sunflowers to shine bright like the sun.”

#9 Aww, just wanna spoil this little goofball rotten.

#10 Poor little guy is going through a lot of pain. Hope he’s able to play with friend again.

#11 Marla, living life we all are dreaming of.

#12 That happy face just made our day.

#13 Dogs are not pets. They’re our kids.

#14 Nala is a brave warrior who survived.

#15 “No clean and fresh. Muddy and smelly, yes.”

#16 Macy is so majestic. Would definitely allow it.

#17 Mobby is a tough guy.

#18 Looks like Brixton loves to play. Such a good boy.

#19 So sorry to hear about all the pain this little angel is going throw. Hop the getts better soon.

#20 He’s one happy pupper.

All these boys and girls are absolutely adorable. No matter how messy they get, they’re always 10/10. Do share photos of your good boys and girls in the comments below and brighten up everyone’s day.

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