Beautiful Photos Of Senior Cats That Prove Age Is Just A Number

  • By Hashir
  • August 21, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Cats are a majestic being and it has absolutely nothing to do with their age. It won’t be wrong to say that cats never look old, even if they are a senior. You would obviously know that your feline has grown a little when they are stepping in their adolescence. They would grow in size and weight a little bit heavier than before, but once they become an adult they turn into a gorgeous creature. With every passing year, they simply become prettier.

Usually cats life from 2 to 16 years but that’s their lifespan if they are living in the wild. When taken care of in a domestic environment, they live a little longer. The breed of a cat certainly plays an integral part when it comes to their lifespan. People love to share their cat’s everyday shenanigans, and we love to read them. It doesn’t matter how old a cat is. They still manage to look a lot younger than their age apart from the health issues a senior cat may face. After all, age is just a number. Here we have collected 19 photos of senior cats that prove that age is just a number. Scroll down to check them out.

“Here’s Dusty, nearly 17 years old.”

Source: linklateraligator

“This is Zuli. She’s 20 years old and I just adopted her Friday”

Source: Meatloaf_In_Africa

“My 16 year old baby boy”

Source: asiancreation_

“Sunny, the 17 year old bad ass who fought off a 60 pound dog this summer.”

Source: laughsinflowers1

“I’m Hooray! I’m 17 years old this year and I’m getting Radioiodine treatment tomorrow. Please, wish me luck!”

Source: HoorayFiasco

“17 years old and still a chick magnet”

Source: ddcanon

“My 14 year old cat will meow at my husband until he holds her.”

Source: Kittenelle
Cats are so wholesome. They love to be treated like an infant baby. Being carried around and getting good kitty pats is one of their favorite things. No matter how old a cat gets, it’s always a sucker for love and affection. A cat may grow old in terms of age, but they don’t act accordingly. They are still a kitten at heart. According to some recent studies, cats realize that their owner treats them the same way as an infant human. They are very smart. They play along and act as if they are not a pet but they are their owner’s child. Undoubtedly they are our little baby.

“17 years old and still so majestic (to my eyes at least)”

Source: Ties42

“Grew up with this girl. She’s 19 this year and dribbles when she’s happy”

Source: doughface10

“She turned 22 years old a couple months ago.”

Source: Makkyo

“My 24 years old little princess”

Source: erbazzone

“18 years later and he is still killing it”

Source: TheColorPeanut

“20 years old and still gorgeous”

Source: OGKleeM

“This is 13 y/o Niener. After a difficult December, she has made a full recovery, and is back to her sweet self. She will sit like a doofus for many years to come.”

Source: chick-killing_shakes

“My beautiful 18 year old girl Mia with the Eyes of Sauron.”

Source: Martinpinne

“15 years and he has never failed to purr when I call him. This is my adoring ham, Maverick.”

Source: CreativeAsFuuu

“14 years old and handsome as ever!”

Source: sufyawnstevens

“My boyfriend’s cat, Homer, is a very handsome 20-year-old.”

Source: toothbrushmoose

“This is Akira! She is going to be 14 years old…isn’t she beautiful?”

Source: kerriwadd

Cats are beautiful and we can never get over them. How old is your cat? Let us know in the comments below.

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