20 Sassy AF Cats With Ultimate Cattitude

Just like us humans, animals tend to possess some traits and abilities. And if you’re a cat mommy or daddy, you would definitely know what we are about to talk about. We all know dogs can be curious, fearless, playful, smart, and many more. But only a cat person can know about this particular trait, we now know as cattiude, in cats. For those unfamiliar with the term, “Cattitude” is defined as “the attitude of a cat. State or feeling of immense superiority, but not arrogance.” by YourDictionary.com.

Most cats feel like they have a certain kind of superiority over us humans. They make us feel like they do not even care about anyone else around them but we still can’t help but give in. I mean this cattitude does make them seem adorable, doesn’t it? This cattitude is also different in different breeds of cats, and what their attitude is going to be like also depends on their environment and brought up. One minute they’ll be all cuddly and the next they’ll be dictating you around or even act as if you don’t even exist. They will make sure you know who the boss is, and that we must obey any and all orders!

All the dog people must be confused. You may not even understand this magical aura we are talking about. Well, to make it easier for you, we’ve got some pictures of these magnificent creatures showing off their cattitude. And for all you cat lovers, here are some more cats with their cattitudes to warm up your heart.

Note: Just be careful that your cat isn’t secretly spying on you.

1. Page, the librarian

Just the glare is enough

Please observe library and cat rules

You may approach at your own risk

2. One does not just ask a cat to get off and make some more room.

You may find other ways to adjust.

3. You do not just sneak up on a cat when they are already trying to be sneaky.

You have seen too much, hooman

4. “Apparently sitting in wet paint is worth interrupting and messing up my work on this paint by number.”

Your art work and hard work means nothing to me. Now you may go fetch me some food

5. Did you ask me for purrmission?

Get this out of my sight!

6. Cat meme

And he would also avoid any and all of your calls or texts

7. “After the 10th time of putting them back up.”

Yeah and there’ll be more. What are you complaining about?

8. Here’s another cat in a store.

If you get too close, you’ll get swatted

9. “He’s not allowed on the table.”

You don’t make the rules around here, human.

10. Oh, so you were working on these?

Walk away. Just… walk away.

11. “…when I woke up this morning I found my NEW Yoga Blocks like this AND found a smirking Orange Tabby with green foam in his nails… Well played”

Just because I am cat doesn’t mean I can’t do yoga

12. I am sorry were you watching something?

Whatever, I couldn’t care less.

13. Try being more interesting by staying out of my way.

Ain’t nobody got time for that

14. This is meant for my comfort.

Don’t get your filthy hands in my basket

15. “Told him to get off the table and this was the look he gave me.”

How about you mind your own business

16. Well, some cats are just born with it.

Don’t need no Maybelline

17. How many times have I asked you not to pick me up?

Get your hands off me and put me down

18. “Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about Jesus Christ?”

Did you just say no? alright, see ya in hell

19. Yeah, capture the smirk.

Be sure to get it from this angle. It’s my best side

20. Pepper: You’re getting too close to me right now.

I am going to count till 5 for you to move away

I sits where I fits.

you can do your selling business sometime else

I may be relaxing but I am still the boss.

And will always be the boss

Well, that was surely something! These cats with their cattitude definitely made sure to let us know who makes the rules around here, and that we should not be getting in their way. Which one of these cats and their cattitude was your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share pictures of your cats!

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