25 Pictures That Prove Dogs Love You Unconditionally

  • By Hashir
  • June 29, 2020
  • 6 minutes read

Whether we are feeling sick, recovering from an injury or just having a bad day, dogs are always there for us. With their tiny paws and big warm hugs, they provide us with the comfort we need to heal faster. They say kisses make things better, well they aren’t wrong. Dogs are perfect pets. They are not only our best friends but also our crime partners and perfect caretakers.

From bringing us their toys as a gift or something happy to cheer us up to giving us warm hugs of assurance and comfort, they try their level best to make sure we are happy and safe around them. We found 25 pictures on the internet today that will prove to you that dogs are selfless and their love is unconditional. In a world where most of us have lost faith in a pure and undoubtedly the most priceless feeling called love, these pictures will surely revive our faith. Scroll down to fill your heart with the warmth of a dog’s love.

#1 No, I can’t stop. NO! No, I won’t stop!

Credits: Def Civil B. Blanca

This doggo couldn’t stop hugging his owner as he was injured. This is how unconditionally our dogs love us. No matter the situation they won’t ever leave our side. They believe in us even if the whole world is against us. They go to all lengths to protect us and shelter us with everything within their reach and power. They would stand in the way of any potential threat and even take a bullet for us if they have to. Never doubt a dog’s love.

#2 This good boy saved his owner’s life by lying on him for almost 24 hours in freezing conditions.

Credits: McLaren Northern Michigan

#3 “Baths are dangerous, I must protect Hooman!”

Credits: Rebecca Jude Weaver

“Every Time I’m In The Shower My Dog Stares At Me, With A Worried Look. He Must Assume I’m Upset In Here (Because He Hates Baths). So, He Thinks If He Drops His Toy In, That I’ll Feel Better!”

#4 “Woof! The bathroom is occupied. Woof! Hooman inside, go away!”

Credits: AllTheExsInTexas

“At 24 Weeks It Finally Clicked For My Dog That I Am Pregnant. This Is Her Standing Guard While I Pee So Nothing Can Get To Me. 10/10 Good Doggo”

#5 “Don’t worry, hooman! We got yah!”

Credits: fessapuella

So the owner wasn’t feeling well, they all united to take care of their sick hooman. How adorable! Even the cat volunteered.

#6 This hooman woke up to his good boy.

Credits: SharkRaptor

“I Am Very Sick And Fell Asleep For A Nap. Two Hours Later, I Woke Up To This”

#7 “Hugs for the newest member of the family.”

Credits: okayyymovingon

“I Have No Doubt In My Mind My Dog Knows I’m Pregnant”

#8 We are pretty convinced she’s the little mama of the little baby.

Credits: jorvis52

“I’m Starting To Think That My Dog Thinks That My Baby Is Actually Her Baby”

#9 “Now, now little hooman. It’s nap time! Up to bed.”

Credits: textuality

“Just My Dog Spooning My Baby. Nothing To See Here”

#10 “Good boy at your service!”

Credits: StuffyUnicorn

“Meet Eddie, The Hospital Therapy Dog Who Is Always Carrying Around His Bookbag Of Toys And Can Always Be Found In The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit”

#11 “Puppy cuddles are a way to say I love you and thank you.”

Credits: Anastik

“My Dog Fell Into An Icy Pond Yesterday. My Wife Jumped In And Saved Him. This Is How They Slept Last Night”

#12 Maybe the baby needs some time to adjust…

Credits: MisterMurphy64

“My Dog Loves My Daughter. Daughter Still Unsure About Dog”

#13 “I’ll take the watch hooman!”

Credits: Zatarra08

“My Dog Takes Care Of Me When I’m Sick, He’s Always Watching Me And He Only Sleeps When I’m Sleeping. I Took This Picture Right After I Woke Up”

#14 “Here, let us keep you warm and snuggly!”

Credits: theredviolist09

“My Dogs Wouldn’t Leave My Mom’s Side When She Was Sick. They Were Protecting The Weakest Member Of Their Pack And Making Sure She Stayed Warm”

#15 “Hooman, you seem sad and sick. Here I got you a present.”

Credits: Binatko

“My Girlfriend’s Dog Knew She Was Feeling Unwell So She Brought Her A Toy”

#16 “We’re here to make your day bright!”

Credits: leobeo

“My Mom Has Brain Cancer. Somehow, I Think Our Pets Know When She’s Having A Bad Day”

#17 “Don’t worry hooman, this too shall pass. I’m here with you.”

Credits: IrrelevantPancake

“My Service Dog Is Trained To Respond To Anxiety. One Of The Ways He Responds Is By Making You Hold His Paw”

#18 Till death do us apart.

Credits: Ali’s Medical & Memorial Fund

#19 A hug on a bad day instantly makes everything better.

Credits: CrtListenCryostat

“When She Comes Home From A Long Day At School, Having A Bad Day, Been Told Off Or Sad. Her Best Friend Is Here For Her”

#20 “Hush little baby don’t you cry.”

Credits: Libby44

“This Dog Does Not Let You Be Sad Or Cranky. She Senses It And Then Arrives And Pulls This And Makes You Smile And Giggle In A Nano Second. Love You, Quorra! Thanks For Always Cheering My Daughter Up. She Has ADHD, Epilepsy And Von Willebrand’s Disease”

#21 There is much love and assurance in just one picture.

Credits: edilma

#22 Best birthday present indeed!

Credits: reddit.com

“Today Is My Dad’s Birthday, And All He Wanted Was To Snuggle With Our Dog, Who He Hasn’t Seen For A Week Because He’s Been In The Hospital. We Managed To Get Clearance For This Birthday Surprise”

#23 It’s TV time!

Credits: WhenInDoubtGoWithCC

#24 “What is yours, is mine and what is mine is yours.”

Credits: prolificsalo

“We Just Had A New Baby 2 Weeks Ago. My Dog Has Decided That She Is His And Stays As Close As He Can To Her At All Times”

#25 “Hooman. Come back! I miss you!!”

Credits: elaskows2

“My Dog Tripped Up My Dad While Playing Catch In The Backyard Causing Him To Fall And Fracture His Tibia And Fibula. He Has Been Waiting At The Front Door For Hours Like This Waiting For Him To Come Home From The Hospital”

All these doggos are so wholesome that our hearts are exploding with love and affection. What do you guys think? Feel free to share your dog’s stories with us in the comments below and also show this post to your loved ones!

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