Russian Blue Cats AKA The Magnificent Creatures!

Russian Blue Cats AKA The Magnificent Creatures!

We are going to talk about a very royal breed of cats today – Russian Blues! These highly intelligent cats are long and slender (but very strong and muscular) who have triangular-shaped head, broad forehead and a straight nose giving them a very regal look! They possess distinctive features like enchanting green eyes and luxurious bluish-silver double coat – talk about perfection. If that wasn’t enough they are famous for their beautiful ‘natural’ smile.

They are not arrogant, even when they should be for being so majestic. They are adorable gorgeous babies who have incredibly sweet personalities and are playful and do not shy away from expressing their love but are not clingy and annoying at the same time! These social kitties prefer to sleep in a quiet private nook – they don’t compromise on their beauty sleep and demand that time all to themselves! Hills Pet in their article wrote, “It’s said that Russian blues train their owners rather than the owners training them, a legend that’s been proven true time and again.”

Russian Blues’ kitties origin is not known for sure and there are many speculations about it but many believe that their origin was from Archangel Isles, in North Russia.  But according to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, “the Russian blue breed descended from the cats kept by the Russian Czars. Assuming the Russian blue did migrate from northern Russia, it was likely via ship to England and northern Europe in the mid-1860s.”

These royal babies just take your breath away with their beauty and brain. If you don’t believe us, scroll down! You’ll be shook at their magnificence!

1.This kitty is trying to steal our heart with those looks and eyes!

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Update: Our heart has been stolen.

2. Show us something as perfect as this kitty. We will wait.

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We are obsessed with those magnificent eyes!

3. Casually slaying the whole world!

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This kitty did not have to put in any effort!

4. When you got it, flaunt it!

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That head tilt along with those innocent precious eyes made us skip so many heartbeats!

5. What did this lil furr-ball see to be so traumatized!

Via Happy Cat Site

Hoomans better have not adopted a dog!

6. Seems like this gorgeous baby got itself in trouble!

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Those eyes are definitely gonna help it get away!

We are not so mean to end this post right here! If you think you have seen enough of their beauty for the day, you are absolutely mistaken! We have more Russian Blues ready to take your breath away! Scroll down with caution!

7. Who this kitty trying to intimidate?

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Most probably the hoomans.

8. The look that can make the hoomans sacrifice anything for you!

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We can’t deal with how spectacular those eyes are. We can not.

9. ‘Who woke me up?’

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‘Don’t they know I’m supposed to sleep in a quiet place!’

10. This is the face we make when the questions are out of syllabus in the exam. Clueless.

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Only we don’t look this adorable.

11. Don’t talk to me pls!

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Give space pls.

12. When your bestfriend is spilling the tea!

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We are awe-struck at this kitty’s beauty!

13. Cutest thing we have seen today!

Via Kitten Toob

The innocence. The cuteness. The lil fluff ball. We are in love.

14. This blue kitty knows how to flaunt those marvelous eyes and royal fur coat!

Via Thesillywaffle

Just look at the sassy attitude!

We are in trance of the magical charm of these extremely astounding breed of our favorite animal and it saddens us that this post ends here. But we enjoyed and cherished their beauty while we could and we are extremely glad that our eyes were blessed by their phenomenal glamour! This actually made our day 10x better. We know y’all are struck by their attractiveness as well! Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. If you have Russian Blues share their pictures for us, cat lovers. And lastly share this with your friends and family so they appreciate these beauties as much as we all did.

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