Robert The Cat's Owner Tweets His Shenanigans That Accurately Depicts Life With Cats

Robert The Cat’s Owner Tweets His Shenanigans That Accurately Depicts Life With Cats

Cats are known to be sass kings and queens. Don’t get me wrong, they will listen to you but, ONLY if it’s about something that interests them. Anything other than that, you should rather just stay quiet and let them do their thing. Now, many cat owners may have already cracked this code but some of them are still struggling. I mean, to be fair, it does take a lot of time to understand them.

Robert is a sassy cat who lives on an allotment site, a community garden, in Birmingham UK. He feels as if his human is incapable of understanding cats. So Robert took out his precious time from the important task of lazing around the house and decided to teach his human some cat-pathy (empathy). Scroll down to see this sass king directing his human to understand cats.

To enjoy more of Robert’s sass, visit his twitter page as he posts brilliant tweets.

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1. This adorable beast thought his human meant that the cat could be taken without any price. We would suggest bridging the communication gap!

2. Human try the word ‘glistening’ next time. His highness Robert does not understand the concept of a cat being polished.

3. Robert decides what item should be added to his new bed. And human was so careless that she put notice on it with somebody else’s name!

4. Human, can’t you see Robert squinting his eyes. Those eyes scream murder, don’t take his pictures in front of that damn cactus.

5. Why do humans have to do one thing right and the other wrong?

6. Finally a bed with no notices! Why do we think his human is not going to be thrilled about Robert’s new bed?

7. Robert doesn’t need advices, please!

8. Why do humans think cats don’t have important things to do?

9. It means she does not ‘love’ this activity as much as you do and she’s low-key scared that you might possess some supernatural powers. Go easy on her, buddy.

10. Robert is embarrassed of his boomer mom

11. Now, we see why Robert thinks his human doesn’t understand him. Seriously, human?

12. Robert-o is a freaking model! Look at that pose. *drools*

13. Consent, please! Would the human like this sort of picture to be taken and posted on the social media?

14. Poor lad had to shed his hair in order for his human to understand that these horrific gloves should not be used to pet him!

Human needs to cat-pathize with our prince Robert for he has taken out so much time and energy in explaining what cats want or don’t want! He has made everything clear first with his rich expressions- which largely consisted of being done of all the misunderstandings and lack of cat-pathy. Human needs to fix their attitude and behavior for this relationship to work or Robert can always pursue the career of being a cat model at the plant shop!

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