23 Pictures Fluffiest Lynx And Their Huge Paws

23 Pictures Fluffiest Lynx And Their Huge Paws

Cat people! This one’s for you.

As a huge cat lover, well animal lover to be honest, kitties have a special place in my heart. The tiniest of all the creatures just being super cute and adorable. Doing their own thing, in their own zone. With their teeny tiny little noses, bodies, and especially those tiny paws. I could honestly play with them all day long and even look after them without thinking twice. And today, we have something that might excite you even more than kitties do purely because of the extreme cuteness.

We are not sure if you know, but there exists a wildcat named Lynx amongst us. Many of us aren’t already familiar with this beauty but that’s why we are here! Lynx are basically medium sized wild cats and the best of all – THEY HAVE HUGE FLUFFY PAWS! Their padded and fluffy af paws actually help them sneak around better without making a lot of noise. And although they don’t want to harm any humans and generally prefer staying away from us, when under a threat, they do retaliate. As they should!

To be honest, I wouldn’t mind being near this beauty and playing with those paws! You must be getting curious. Don’t worry, we gotchu! Scroll down and check out this fluffy bundle of cuteness;

1. Here’s one with the snow!

Via u/What_No_Cookie


2. The fluffiest stretch.

Via 89cupcakes

Alright, we know that doesn’t make sense. But iz okay!

3. You can see how their paws help them climb trees easily

Via 89cupcakes

They make it look so easy?!

4. Imagine cuddling this cat

Via WildWildWest

Dream come true?! Yep.

5. Lynx also judge us like our own little ones do.

Via cat-prisun

No difference there.

6. Yeah we don’t know what happening here

Via redpillguys

But we love it anyway!

7. Eating snow?

Via unnaturalorder

We gotta admit, it is pretty tasty!

8. Look at that form!

Via banqr

Definitely a wild one.

9. We are unsure if this one is trying to find a prey or just chilling

Via myCleverUsername007

Whatever it is, we can’t stop staring at those paws and pointy ears.

10. Playing in the snow was never not fun

Via u/ControversialPenguin

How… how did this happen.

We can’t help but wonder how nice it would be to have them with us in our homes. But we also understand that it’s not okay to domesticate every animal. I guess we just have to enjoy their beauty in the wild and from the pictures. We will be happy with virtual cuddles. Wait, why aren’t you scrolling?! There’s still more to go. Keep going!

11. Here is a close up of their paw

Via fur-trash-blog

It’s the cutest and fluffiest thing you’ll see today.

12. Sleeping under the tree because why not?

Via cat-prisun

Don’t bug the kitty.

13. Making sure the paws are all clean and ready for attac

Via EarthRangers

Yes, we said attac. Because it’s super cute

14. Watchu looking at kitten?!

Via cat-prisun

A new prey?

15. Baby lynx!


Even when it’s tiny, the paws are huge.


Via cat-prisun

This one is smiling. OUR HEARTS!

17. Alright, not gonna lie,

Via ItsTheAnimeGuy

This one looks like a human.

18. Majestic.

Via lynxmuse

That’s all we have to say.

19. Big paws, teeny tiny bodies.

Via dizzyturtle

Okay, well, they aren’t so small. But still!

20. Climbing trees?

Via 89cupcakes

PFT! They climb mountains


Via starkart

Those claws… WOW!

22. Because three is better than one.


We love how they are all just looking at the camera!

23. And lastly,

Via u/abdilatifysh

This wonderful grey lynx who is probably going to come in our dreams.

We told you these were beautiful. And we know we didn’t disappoint. If only we could add more of these but sadly, all good things must come to an end.

Don’t you worry though, we have a few things planned that will definitely make you smile the brightest. Until then, check out our other articles and don’t forget to comment which one of these was your favorite!

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