Adorable Puppies Wearing Backpacks (20 Pics)

Playing dress up since we were younger has always been a very fun game. At least, for some of us anyway. Where we used to play with dolls, now we play with our adorable pets.

One good thing people do about owning pets is that they don’t treat them like pets. Some kind and wonderful hooman beings treat these beautiful creatures as their families. They take them everywhere, give them whatever they want, make sure their needs are met and of course, dress them up for occasions such as halloween, etc. The best of all is when they take them on hikes!

Now, we all know dogs are a mans… humans best friend. They make the best companions! Especially during long walks in the mountains. And obviously, we all need our hiking gear with us. So, why leave our best buddies without their gear, right? Here to bless your feed, we present to you; Doggos wearing backpacks. We’re going to love it for sure, but these doggos also seem to be enjoying it as much as their owners are. Take a look for yourself!

1. Happy climber.

Via Imgur

This kinda exercise is what these dogs really need. Plus, it’s always nice to have the gear with them.

2. “Do I look majestic? I feel majestic.”

Via Reddit

YES! You do, big doggo. Lovin’ the backpack!

3. “And it’s my favorite color!”

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Want to be as happy as this doggo on a hike!

4. Is this enough?

Via Reddit

Or do we need more?

5. This one doesn’t seem so happy about wearing a backpack.

Via Imgur

But you still so cute shmol munchkin.

Now that we’re done with doggos wearing backpacks on hikes, we’ve got doggos wearing backpacks on normal days as well! We can only wonder what they keep in these backpacks. Treats? Water? Toys? Shoes? Hmmm, maybe we should leave that for another day. Have a look at these adorable puppers wearing backpacks.

6. This is the happiest little doggo.

Via Reddit

So sad that he’ll grow out of it soon. Oh well! We can still keep looking at this picture.

7. All dressed up and ready to go!

Via Reddit

We love your little onesie, Mr. Doggo!

8. What did you just put on my back?

Via Reddit

What is this thing? Take it off!

9. What a wholesome duo!

Via Instagram

We love this pair.

10. What we all look like on the first day of school.

Via Reddit

We feel you doggo. We didn’t want to go either.

11. She definitely wanted to show grandma all her toys.

Via Reddit

Bless your little pure heart!

12. The duties of a new mom.

Via Instagram

No more carrying them around in your mouth. Just get a backpack!

13.¬†“Wait, I have to carry my own stuff the whole time?”

Via Reddit

Sorry little bud! But, you have to get used to carrying your own things from now on.

14. This bag seems to be a little too big for this little guy…

Via Reddit

Not to worry! You’ll grow into it someday, soon.

15. ‘Mommy, why am I¬†here’

Via Reddit

WHO TOOK THIS LITTLE GUY TO THE GYM? This one is PERFECT AS IT IS. Let him sleep and play.

16. Not at all amused.

Via Reddit

Why are you doing this to me, hooman? What did I ever do to you?

17. There is a doggo and a froggo

Via Reddit

Posing with the backpack. We love it too much.


Via Imgur


19. When you have to wake up early AF.

Via Reddit

But then you get late. No time to brush, let’s just rush.

Bonus: Now that we are done with all the doggos, here’s a cute little rabbit wearing the most adorable little backpack!

Via Reddit

*SHRIEKS* with excitement, of course. We can’t get over how adorable these munchkins look with their backpacks on. Our hearts are filled with so much love for them. If only they were all in front of us, we would’ve given them the most tightest hugs and lots of pets. What about you? Was your reaction the same as ours? Let us know in the comments section below.

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