Puppies That Fell Asleep In The Funniest Positions

Puppies That Fell Asleep In The Funniest Positions

If you’re an animal lover, you must have a sweet spot for dogs. The creature that keeps us happy no matter what.

There are several benefits of keeping a dog. This also includes health benefits as well! Dogs keep you physically, mentally and most importantly, emotionally healthy at all times. They can even help in managing depression and even loneliness just by being by our sides. If that’s not something to love, we don’t what is.

Dogs are and will forever be one of the cutest creatures. No matter what you might think, and even if you’re a cat person, when a dog shows you those beautiful puppy dog eyes, you will melt at that sight. It’s a natural reaction and we suggest you stop fighting it and finally give in to the fact that we all, in fact, do love dogs. And if you live under a rock and are not already familiar with the traits of a dog, let us catch you up. They are the cutest little fluff balls that will give you all their love and be your companions till their last breath. They will never leave your side and give you endless cuddles, protect you and anyone they love, and would always be supportive. These are just a few traits that have helped them gain the label of a human’s best friend.

Apart from being so amazing, these creatures are also extremely silly. Everything to them is a chew toy, they get stuck on the weirdest of the places, will literally eat anything and everything in sight, and not to mention, they are extremely expressive, too! If they don’t like something, you will know it for sure. One of the cutest and silliest thing is their ability to fall asleep on the weirdest and in the silliest poses. It’s truly such an adorable sight that it’s sometimes hard to resist waking them up and giving them lots of kissies! Instead, we just take pictures and keep staring at these cuties all the time. In case you’re feeling left out, do not worry! We’ve collected some amazing pictures of lil puppers sleeping in the weirdest positions! Scroll down and check them out;

1. When you play too hard

And fall asleep midway. Proper representation of a doggo

2. This pupper got way too tired

Us, after lazing around all day. Relatable!

3. We get it, walking down the stairs IS too much work!

Wait till you go up the stairs. It’ll be even worse!

4. All this newborn puppy wants is sleep, sleep and more sleep!

And food! How can we forget food.

5. When the wine is too precious and tasty that you never want to let it go

Even when you’re asleep

6. The cutest blep of all

I want to boop the nosie!

7. This one is probably dreaming about flyin’

We support your dreams pupper.

8. When you have work to do

But sleep comes first

9. Falls asleep while blowing raspberries

Yep, seems about right!

10. Not going to fall asleep without my piggie stuffed toy

Sweety, you are the stuffed toy

By this time, you might think you’ve had enough but let us tell you that you have not! There are so many more that you still haven’t seen. We guarantee that they will put a huge smile on your face. If you thought these were funny and cute, well, the next ones are going to be even better. Continue scrolling and enjoy!

11. Car rides are fun and all

But also relaxing enough to fall asleep peacefully

12. All tucked in and cozy

We can only hope to be as cozy as this pupper

13. Okay, this was a little confusing at first

But we totally understand the need to put on a sleeping mask

14. Sprawled out without a care in the world

How can we give them more cuddles?!

15. When you know you’ll be too tired when you wake up to get water

So you fall asleep right on top of it!

16. This pupper looks so kissable

Looks like he’s ready for the face massage

17. Shopping is fun

And surprisingly goes by real fast

18. When the book is super interesting to put down

But the sleep eventually takes over

19. This pupper is so small, it actually fits in the food bowl

This pupper is an actual snack.

20. Crissy crossy legs

We bet she’s dreaming about dancing

21. This one was trying to escape by digging a hole

But the hole turned out to be comfy enough to fall asleep

22. A night of a little too much drinking

This year has been hard, no wonder this one needed lots of wine

23. How they teach you to sleep in the army

Straight, and on your back

24. Ahh, yes, finally a cozy enough place to sleep where no one will find me

Look at the little pawsies!

25. No time to get in a good position

Sleep is just taking over me!

And there we have it folks, we’ve reached the end! Wasn’t this as adorable as you hoped it would be? Maybe a little more than that. Don’t be sad that it ended so soon because we will come up with more of these for you. All you have to do is let us know in the comments section below and don’t forget to share it with your loved ones!

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