Wholesome Cats That Are Too Good For This World (20 Pics)

  • By Admin
  • July 29, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Cats usually have this stigma attached to them that they are big bullies or known to be extremely moody and stubborn. While that may be true to some extent, people sometimes choose to overlook the real qualities of a cat that makes millions of people, on this planet, love them. Sure, cats are moody, we can’t deny that but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t really care about you.

Cats are actually great companions. Just like our ever so loving and loyal dogs, cats are really good at taking care of everybody or acting as a service/therapy cats. They are a little bit harder to train but there are some qualities that they are already born with so there is usually no need to train them. Cat owners will stand by this when we say that cats are always there for you when you really need them. Sure they might actually not come to you for cuddles when you ask them to, but if you’re going through something serious, you can count on cats to be right by your side. Plus, it’s an added bonus that they are really funny little creature and extremely adorable.

For those of you who are still having a hard time believing this, we have got actual proof of how wonderfully amazing cats really are. Beware! This may make you fall in love with cats furreverr. And there will be no turning back!

1. “My cat admiring my pregnant wife.”

2. Little does she know it’s a glass table and I can see her.

3. “Clara’s first trip into the backyard, I think she liked it!”

4. “Born 3 days apart, met just last week, already best of friends.”

5. “My boy always tries to jump in the fridge when I open it. This is the first time he made it in.”

6. “We got a new kitten, but I think our cat got a new kitten.”

7. “Solved: why my pants always have a line of cat fur across the leg.”

8. “Rate my new phone holder.”


Enjoying the pictures, aren’t you? Well, there are a lot more hilarious moments up ahead! You gotta keep on scrolling.

9. “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest of them all?”

10. “Had chemo yesterday and this girl hasn’t left my side.”

11. Ah, finally some peace. This is my space now, hooman.

12. I had too many drinks today.


14. What do you mean it’s a tissue box? Is it not my bed?

15. Bring me some hot chocolate too.

16. What is this stupid baby staring at? I can’t figure.

17. Damn, I look good. Gotta take more selfies.

18. I have a date today, hooman.

19. Don’t worry doggo, I got you covered.

20. LOL. That’s the cutest guest I’ve ever seen in my life. I’d love to have that guest over at my place every day!


So, did we fill up your heart with lots of love for these adorable little creatures? Which one did you find the cutest or the funniest? Let us know into the comments section below.

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