Photographer Captures Beauty Of “Imperfect” Pets To Help Them Get Adopted

  • By Hashir
  • July 29, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Animals are just as important to us as other living beings on earth. We sure do our best in taking care of our beloved pets and not only them but also other animals that we find in our whereabouts. Since not all people are the same, they have different personalities and have different lifestyles. Some people possess a rather wild nature and are quite inhumane. It doesn’t matter what career choices they’ve made in life, how many degrees they have or what school have they attended, they constantly remind the world that they are well taught, but unfortunately, they are not well behaved. These are just the kind of people who are neither good to their fellow humans or animals.

People who are not concerned with the pain and problems of others end up hurting those around them. That certainly includes their pets and other animals. Animal shelters find stray animals that were either abandoned or were left out to die by their previous owners. These animals are scared and traumatized. Sometimes, they’re even missing limbs and organs but still manage to survive somehow. Now, it’s up to the animal shelter to get them to safety and find a new loving home for them. An Australian photographer named Alex Cearn photographed some pets at a shelter to help them find a loving home. These pets may be missing an eye or a limb, but they are full of positive energy and playfulness.

Scroll down and check out these adorable photos.

Meet Aryah, the most down to earth dog despite her hearing impairment and a missing eye.


If anyone ever tries to bring you down, just get up, dust your clothes, wink and move on. Say hello to Vegemite who was attacked by a dog and lost an eye.


This is Mya, who lost both her eyes to glaucoma but still has a zest for life. She makes the perfect use of all her other senses and is extremely charming. Just look at her smile. So beautiful.

Credits: Facebook

PERFECT IMPERFECTION! Look at that happy face. Beautiful Mya the Husky had her eyes removed after painful Glaucoma set in. Not that it bothers her. Her other senses are extremely acute and she can navigate her way around a room with ease from the very first time she enters it. To see her in action is amazing. Her nose and ears work together to help her plot a mind map and after just one lap around the studio she was familiar with the entire layout.

This is Jakk—victim of animal cruelty. He was born with deformed legs and was thrown out into the dumpster. Good thing he was rescued on time and now he patiently waits to be taken in by a loving family.


This little girl is Bali pip, she has baldness and doesn’t grow any fur. But that didn’t stop her from living her life positively. She is full of life and energy.


Having a positive attitude in life is very important. Yoko Ono once said “Nobody’s life is a bed of roses. We all have crosses to bear, and we all just do our best.” We know that even the happiest people cry themselves to sleep some nights. Things don’t go as planned and life isn’t easy for any of us. We all are going through some problems, but it is important that no matter what we maintain a positive attitude in life and stay as optimistic as we possibly can.

Meet Beau, a strong-willed cat. He didn’t lose hope and kept living his life to the fullest despite sink cancer taking away his ears and making him deaf for life.


Jaffa is a 3-legged strong doggo who had 8 years of troublesome life. Now, Jaffa is living a happy life after getting adopted by a happy family.


This is Oompah who is now in the loving arms of a loving family. She had hair loss due to mange.

Credits: Facebook

Scrappy is a well-behaved pupper with a joyous personality. Unfortunately, due to constant eye issues, he had to have both his eyes removed.


Paralyzed Keisha was depressed until her family loved and encouraged her back to life. Now, she’s one happy puppy with a wheelchair.


This is Rupert, a strong-willed tabby cat. Nothing can stop her from moving forward, not even her 3 legs.


Poor bull Draco is suffering from a heart condition which causes him to faint sometimes.


When Skye was a puppy she had an accident and lost her left eye. But, today she’s unstoppable.


This is Peg, a beautiful sausage dog with sky-high spirits.


Neo the cross-eyed handsome hunk.


Romeo lost his right eye in a fight, but he’s still looking for his Juliette with the left eye.


Crash was born without eyes and was found abandoned in the bushes. A kind man found him and adopted him. Today, he’s a happy boy.


Defected but still going strong. All of these cats and dogs are absolutely adorable and deserve the best. Let us know what you guys think about them in the comments below.

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