10 Extremely Important Dog Posts— No Catch

10 Extremely Important Dog Posts— No Catch

  • By Saif
  • May 15, 2021
  • 4 minutes read

We are happy to be back with another weekly segment of dog posts!

Dogs are one of the biggest blessings of our lives. Our lives would have been very dull without them. In such a short amount of time, these adorable little pups become our most valuable possession and a part of our family! They will always have your back and would protect you with their lives! You can always rely on your pups because a human can abandon their dog, sadly, but a dog would never abandon their human!

On the other hand, we think we know a lot about them but there are still many facts that we have never even heard of. For example, did you know that even a blind or a deaf dog can hunt!? Their tiny little noses can sense heat/thermal radiation which helps them with hunting! Also, dogs are not colourblind! They can spot blue and yellow colours. Well, we can just keep going on and on with the amazing facts but for now, let’s just move on to the dog posts that we have collected for you, today!

Without any further ado, let’s move on to the pictures now, shall we? Happy scrolling peeps!

1. Amazon sure knows what they are doing and who’s the receiver!

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2. After being in a relationship for 1 week, girlfriends be like;

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3. Haha look at that sunflower in the second picture! Oh wait… that’s a dog, with blonde extensions. Right.

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4. Oh god, I just can’t stop drooling over this adorable sight!

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5. Now that is what you call a wholesome dog post! Look at that little sleeping suit! lol

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6. “Hooman, I think we need to take you to a good psychiatrist”

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7. Okay, this is cracked me up so much!

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This is how you get your pup adopted, folks!

“Prancer wants to be your only child”, so legit.

Let’s talk about the good traits Prancer has.

Presenting you the bad boy himself, PRANCER!

Have you ever wondered why do our pups have wet noses? No, it’s not because they have the flu! It’s because it helps to absorb scent chemicals. Also, for all you Dalmatian lovers, did you know Dalmatian pups are born completely white, without a single spot! They develop spots as they grow older. So, if you thought they always had white spots, well, they don’t.

Let’s continue with the remaining dog posts now

8. What? I’m crying? No! You’re crying!

9. “Hey, you forgot to tuck in your daughter, hoomans. That’s okay, I’ve got it!”

And our weekly segment of dog posts comes to an end with these adorable, hilarious, fluffiest and cutest dog posts! Before you go, we’d like you to know that even just petting a dog can actually benefit your physical and mental health! Let us know which was your favourite one out of all these posts? Feel free to use the comments section below.

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