Japanese Photographer Captures Beautiful Photos Of Stray Cats

Japanese Photographer Captures Beautiful Photos Of Stray Cats

  • By Saif
  • December 30, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats” – Albert Schweitzer

Sorry dog owners, today isn’t your day. Today’s article is exclusively about our furry little felines. Cats truly are one of the most beautiful and interesting creations of God. They come as a blessing in our lives and their presence truly makes us feel alive. According to the studies, caring for cats can improve our mental and physical health. There’s less risk of cardiovascular disease, maintains the blood pressure, saves you from anxiety, reduces the risk of a stroke, etcetera. Often we have seen that cat caretakers are elderly men and women, a population who’s more at risk for depression, loneliness, and isolation. Caring for cats would bring a sense of compassion, happiness, and purpose in their lives.

There are thousands of stray cats waiting to be adopted but a majority of the people would opt for specific breeds of cats which isn’t wrong exactly but this practice certainly needs to be changed. Regardless of the breed, cats are very loving creatures and should be loved equally. Today, we are going to share some of the most beautiful pictures of stray cats of Tokyo, which were captured by a Japanese Photographer, Masayuki Oki. The photographer successfully managed to capture the unique personalities of these adorable little felines. So, without any further ado, let’s go ahead and take a look at one of the cutest collection of stray cat pictures. Scroll down to continue.

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1. Looks like someone just woke up from a long nap.

But wait a minute, that’s a very weird place to stretch, don’t you think? Hmm, strange.

2. Some person provided these cuties with a shelter from the rain! How adorable!

3. Mommy teaching kung-fu to her little kid! Well, at least that’s what it appears like, no?

4. Me thinking about life after waking up in the morning for school:

5. “Wish I could drive one of these cycles so I wouldn’t have to walk all the way”

What a cutie though!

6. This is such a peaceful picture!

7. Here it appears like the mommy feels low and the kitten is trying to make her smile… Awwwww!

8. Batman, is that you?

9. This one doesn’t appear to be a fan of hugs.

10. OMG, is that a SNAKE!?

Damn, that gave me chills.

11. Kitty gangs!

12. Look at this one chilling in the sun!

13. Oh myyy! What a cute picture!

14. “Hey, is it okay if i sleep like this?”

15. “Wait, are you going to take a picture of me? Okay, let me pose!|

What cute and hilarious pose!

We are only halfway through folks and we hope that you are loving this amazing collection! Just look at these adorable felines, wouldn’t you want to adopt them and give them a new life because they totally deserve that! Keep on scrolling for more pictures which are going to melt your heart!

16. For a second it appeared as they have one body! Creeeepy!

17. Look at these beauties!

18. Best friends!

19. Wandering into the night!

20. Mommy and the kitty!

How adorable!

21. Not sure what this one’s trying to do but look at his paws…awww!

22. “Give me a hug, hooman!”

23. “It’s a nice day, I’m just gonna sunbath into a cardboard box!”

24. “OMG, I just caught a leaf!”

25. Look at this one doing some pushups!

Did you imagine “eye of the survivor” being played in the background or are you normal?

26. Someone’s day dreaming!

27. Damn, he caught a fishie!

28. “Yes, I’m the boss!”

29. Someone get a pillow for this sleepyhead!

30. “Pssh, someone’s taking a picture of us, act normal!”

“Whaaat, I can’t hear you. What are you sayin’?”

Oh well, we have finally reached the end of this amazing collection of stray cats! We are pretty sure that you enjoyed every bit of it, didn’t you? Now, we would like to find out which picture intrigued you the most and why? Let us know into the comments section below!


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