45 Hilarious Cat Tweets That Prove Life Is Never Boring With Cats Around Us

  • By Hashir
  • June 18, 2020
  • 7 minutes read

Picture you had a bad day at work and you’re not having it. So, you finally come back home after a long tiring day and your cute little meow is there to greet you with its “feed me now” face. At first, you get a little annoyed, but then you look at its eyes, fluffy tail and chonky paws. It melts your heart and you become overwhelmed with joy. You drop everything and submit to your cat’s will. You feed your cat, it becomes energetic and becomes extremely playful. You both play for a while and you think to yourself, the day was not that bad after all. You’re thankful and hopeful for a better tomorrow. This is what having a cat feels like. However, it’s not always like that. There can be days when your cat will really piss you off and drive you crazy.

But sometimes, cats do things so unexpected that you cannot help but laugh at it. They act silly and sometimes just like dogs. From trying to walk like humans to stealing food, their actions never fail to entertain us. No matter what they do, how big of a mess they create, we will always love and cherish them. So, to make your day a little better we have put together 45 tweets from cat owners who shared hilarious stories of their cats.

Scroll down and enjoy!

Is he trying to move it to a better place?

Credits: bedsafely

Maybe, they’re just checking out the neighbor’s lunch.

Credits: Elwick70

This dude has a designated spot for his cat.

Credits: AlsBoy

“Doc, can you recommend me a good cat gym? Perhaps, a personal trainer would be nice too.”

Credits: carson__hudson

“Potty time has never been this fun before.”

Credits: SimonNRicketts

Cats have been running in the wild while humans civilized themselves. Cats were domesticated in the Fertile Crescent in the Neolithic period. Scientists have studied the cat DNA from all over the world and determined that all the cats have a common ancestor that is North African / Southwest Asian wildcat.

That toothless blep though!

Credits: astroguts

He’s sceptical.

Credits: etrnl_classic

Laser toe beans!

Credits: roemcdermott

“You just wait, hooman. You’re gonna regret this.”

Credits: AndyCole84

“Hooman, does that mean I have tiny cats inside my belly?!”

Credits: liherbs

You made the right choice.

Credits: magmidd

Cats are very intelligent animals. They possess strong sense of hearing and smell. Their reflexes are very sharp. They can be sleeping and instantly wake up to the slightlest noise in nearby distance. That is due to their conical ears that are sensitive to high-pitched noises. Another lesser-known fact about them is that cats are more inclined towards their female owners as compared to male owners.

“Feed me? Pretty please?”

Credits: harrytomlomsom

Looks like now you do…

Credits: brenaclifton

That’s one smart cat.

Credits: jennastoya


Credits: ParisZarcilla

Looks like kitty doesn’t remember how it got there.

Credits: AwwwwCats

Crow says meow.

Credits: RobertMaguire_

That’s such a sweet gesture.

Credits: mielebeep

When you got student loans to pay.

Credits: Mr_DrinksOnMe

Science says women interact more with cats as compared to men. They consider cats like little babies and cats make sure they act like that. It’s not that men are distant to cats. They’re just not as warm with them as women are. It doesn’t matter if the cat is a male or a female, it will always go to the female owner. Cats can easily manipulate women into doing tasks they wish for.

“I’m not saying I am Batman, I am just saying no one has ever seen me and Batman in the same room…”

Credits: maoexe

“Gosh, hooman – not again! What do you want from me?!”

Credits: TheDreamGhoul

Oh my god! It seems like he’s about to fart…

Credits: cami2222

“Close the door and walk away.”

Credits: Richard_Kadrey

This is exactly what he wanted.

Credits: Heidiabbyana

The cat wears Prada.

Credits: judith_ism

You have been chosen!

Credits: Jay_Billi

Follow him…

Credits: rieuIe

You need to sleep with one eye open.

Credits: veganmattison

“I require sustenance hooman.”

Credits: bastardrobocop

Probably to see if they would hatch into mini cats.

Credits: leetabix

Guess he’s better at it than most people.

Credits: moonliIIies

*Knocks glass off the table.*

Credits: jillboard

Wondering if that dent on the car is part of the story.

Credits: tdawks

She captured the cat’s expression very well tho.

Credits: anxwz

He took away the essence of the chair.

Credits: elinmeat

Nah, a cat would have written – “Humans are Good Servants But Should Be Micromanaged At All Times”

Credits: ErinChack

The cat dug his way out…

Credits: wildwildwesnyle

Well, humans have friends over all the time.

Credits: EarlsxLips

She had a solid personality though.

Credits: saundersjoe

“Excuse me sir, but you’re in my spot!”

Credits: TheDreamGhoul

Yes. Good luck with that.

Credits: skeletonpup

*Stray cats Strut plays in the background.*’ I wish I could be as carefree and wild, but I got cat class and I got cat style’

Credits: alyssemazakian

He’s plotting your demise!

Credits: quirkyxqueer

The subtle art of not giving a damn.

Credits: AwwwwCats

Hooman: “Okay, I’ll take your picture. Happy with it?” Kitty: “Meh”

Credits: Sahvelkareem

Cats have extraordinary personalities and they’re total gems! We are overjoyed. What do you think about these cuties? Do share your cat’s story with us in the comments below. We love to hear from you! Also share these funny tweets with your friends to make their day better!

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