50 Hilariously Dumb Dogs That Tried Their Best

  • By Hashir
  • June 16, 2020
  • 8 minutes read

Sometimes, you can’t find your dog anywhere. So, you search harder and find them in the bathroom sitting inside the bowl or in the washing machine. At other times, you’ll find them playing with a tennis ball at one moment, and sleeping with it the next. Sometimes, it’s none of that. You’re just casually playing fetch with your dog and it brings you back unusual things like the biggest stick it can find, dirt or even a potato. Weird, right? Well, that’s just how dogs are; unpredictable. After all, they are the youngest or the second-youngest member of our home.

The thing is, these fluffy beauties are also goofy dummies. They do weird things and give the most unexpected reactions. Dogs get themselves into unpredictable situations due to their mischievous actions and maybe that’s one of the best parts of having them as a pet. We found 50 hysterical photos of dumb dogs that tried their best but became the butt of the joke. Take a look at them below.

#1 He never expected this would happen.

credits: empcc

#2  She may have a small body, but her heart is big.

Credits: LeungGraeme9

“She Brought All Her Toys Over So The Mirror Doggy Could Play With Them”

#3 Owner: “Who’s your best friend?” Dog:

Credits: str1ngcheesetheory

#4 Oops! Someone’s getting in big trouble.

Credits: Spinolio

“Friend Of A Friend’s Pooch Dragged The Sprinkler In Through The Doggy Door”

#5 Maybe that was the closest thing to a ball for her.

#6 *Panics* Somebody call animal control! There’s a seal in the bathroom *A few moments later* Wait! It’s just my dog…

Credits: ihopethiscomesoffwitty

#7 “Let’s play a game,” the cat said. “It’ll be fun,” the cat said.

Credits: CallMePancake

“Somehow Our Dog Opened The Upstairs Screen Door And Ended Up Following Our Cat Onto The Roof. He Required Consoling Before Coming Back Inside”

#8 Bottom one’s expression: “See what I have to put up with?”

Credits: azflat4

“It’s Hard To Tell But One Of My Dogs Helped Mow The Lawn”

#9 This cat is a part-time spy.

#10 Guess, this dog is from IKEA.

Credits: TheBorodaShow

#11 Possibly not the smartest dog, but a well-behaved one.

Credits: Danmark_rages

“Came Home And Found My Dog Waiting Like This”

#12 Looks like the other dog has X-ray vision.

Credits: voodoo_chile_please

#13 Hey… it’s Snoop Dogg!

Credits: JustHavinAGoodTime

“My Friend’s Dog Ate A Pot Brownie Yesterday”

#14 “Ah! What a relaxing view.”

Credits: ellle_em

#15 “Hooman, you can’t see me now.”

#16 Rear-view camera aboard!

Credits: Reckoner08

“Lola’s First Boat Ride And Skippering – Facing the Wrong Direction And Blocking The Captains View But She Nailed It Otherwise”

#17 “Thanks for all the effort hooman, but I like the washing machine better.”


“Last Year, I Built A Sound-Proofed, Built-In Doghouse Under My Stairs, So Bucky Would Have A Safe Place To Hide When He Got Scared. On The 4th Of July, He Let Me Know, In No Uncertain Terms, That I Had Wasted My Time”

#18 “Hey Friends! I brought you a gift, please accept.”

Credits: LukasKelly757

The owner posted this picture with the caption: “Every Day I Walk My Dog, He Finds The Biggest Stick Possible To Bring As A Gift/Sacrifice For The ‘Big Dogs'”

#19 “Hooman I dug this out with love. It’s the finest of its kind.”

Credits: LandPirateSarah

The owner writes: “My Dog Brought Me Some Dirt Today”

#20 It’s not just a husky… it’s a bee husky!

Credits: zuckerbot5356

#21 “Mom look! I found a new hat. Fitting is a bit too tight but it will work.”

Credits: mrsplatypus88

“I Have No Words To Describe This. Except That My Dog Is The Greatest”

#22 “I’m a caterpillar.”

Credits: irnidotnet

Just like cats, dogs get themselves in uninvited and unexplainable trouble. That can be some extra work for us, but it’s worth it. The owner shares this extremely funny picture with the caption: “The Coat Incident – My Dog Molly Got Stuck In The Arm Of A Coat. I Couldn’t Stop Laughing”

We can’t stop laughing either.

#23 This one is in a food coma.

Credits: Sunstoned1

“Idiot Dog Broke Into Food Bin, Ate It All, Fell Asleep”

#24 “He’s my precious, and I want you to play with him too! SO PLAY WITH IT!!”

Credits: blue_collie

“My Dog Spent 15 Minutes This Morning Trying To Get The Roomba To Play With His Stuffed Squeaky Shrimp”

#25 This dog likes to catch pretty things.

Credits: sunbolts

#26 ” Hooman, I think I got myself in a little trouble here.”

Credits: ItHirtsWhenIP

“My Dauschund Puppy Got Stuck In The Couch Cushions”

#27 “Ah! I’m fabulous!”

Credits: Henderp

“My Golden Retriever Decided To Roll On The Freshly Mowed Lawn”

#28 He’s strong!


“So My Step Brothers Dog Came Down The Stairs Too Fast And Ran Into The Wall Because He Was Excited”

#29 He looks just like Sid from Ice Age.

Credits: smilkcake

#30 Maybe she broke herself trying…

Credits: Tubastadium

” My Aunt’s Dog Finally Got Her Tail”

#31 Little dog is very smart.

Credits: Henrytimso

“My Dogs Are Stupid”

#32 Looks like the chalk drawing by the police at a crime scene…

Credits: Laguerche

“My Beautifully Dumb Dog Fell Asleep In The Rain”

#33 “Please flush again. I like the whirlpool.”

Credits: Kona_Dlite

“Left My Baby Husky Alone For A Minute, And I Come Back To This”

#34 “Go on without me!”

Credits: dgloeckler

“Bandol Fell Off The Dock”

#35 He’s a special puppy.

Credits: Boy_of_fan

“He Was Whining Because It Was “Closed”

#36 Guess this is his favorite bed.

Credits: teairl

“He Has Three Expensive Beds But Prefers This One Goddamn Brick”

#37 He’s a Spiderdog!

#38 I guess he regrets his decision.

Credits: jobeee

#39 Look at those mischievous eyes.

Credits: DiscoKarateSpock

“My Dog Insisted That This Was The Stick We Were Going To Play Fetch With”

#40 “Would you want to live someplace where the furniture attacked you?”

Credits: asdasd12345

“She Knocked A Chair Over And Now She Doesn’t Want To Live Here Anymore”

#41 “Look, mommy! I have a rainbow butt.”

Credits: youtbuddcody

#42 “They said acupuncture will do me good.”

Credits: Dubrider

“Friend Took A Photo Of Her Dog On The Way To The Vet”

#43 I wonder if pressing on his tummy would shoot the ball across the room?

Credits: natezim

“My Friend’s Dog Fell Asleep Like This”

#44 Nope… no dog here… but I’m as troubled as the dog by the reflection in the window.

Credits: zapperdude60

“Jack’s Strategy At The Vet: If I Can’t See You You Can’t See Me”

#45 Other dog is like “Dude, I tried to warn you. I got stuck last week.”

#46 Every house has a chain of commands. First, it’s mom, then it’s a kitty. Everyone else quickly learns their place.

Credits: juu-arts

#47 “Nice view up here…”

Credits: markeymarkbeaty

“My Dad Just Sent Me This Pic Of Our Dog. The Neighbors Texted Him In The Middle Of The Day, “Your Dog Is On The Roof”

#48 That frame is the wrong shape for your dog’s portrait.

Credits: Voxel__

#49 Just trying to move the chair to a better location…

Credits: thelittlegoodwolf_

“I Heard The Sound Of A Chair Scraping Across Cement So I Went Outside To Investigate. This Is What I Found”

#50 “Last Night My Dog Graduated From A Beginner Obedience Class. This Morning We Found Her Certificate Like This.”

Credits: ME4NS

Oh, the irony…

Goofy yet adorable puppers. Heartwarming and hysterical photos. We love these fluffy four-legged balls of fur. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

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