50 Comics That Hilariously Depict Life With Cats

  • By Sara
  • June 16, 2020
  • 8 minutes read

Life with cats can be a rollercoaster ride.

If you own a cat, you know very well that it is a love-hate relationship. They can annoy the hell out of you and wreck your whole house. But at the end of the day, you would want to sleep while cuddling with them. They are your safe place. No matter how much chaos they cause, you just can’t help loving them. After all, you treat them like your own children. The species doesn’t matter at all. Family is family.

Adopting a cat can drastically change your life. You will be a happier person with your furry feline friend around. You’ll have someone to share your sadness and happiness with. You’ll never be bored or feel alone. Yes, adopting a cat comes with a lot of responsibilities but it is definitely worth it. You won’t regret your decision to welcome them to your family.

If you don’t own a cat, don’t worry. Yasmine Surovec from Phoenix, USA has a comic series named Cat Versus Human in which she depicts what it is like to live with cats. Yasmine is an animal lover herself and she is raising three cats and a dog with her husband. “I’ve had cats most of my life. I love how you have to earn a cat’s affection and trust. They just don’t easily surrender themselves to you. I respect that”, she said in an interview with Floppy Cats.

Scroll down below to enjoy her comics:

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1. Every single time you try to take a bath in peace.

2. You learn to adapt.

same thing at dinnertime -Naima Ivansdóttir

3. You can’t disturb your cats. Everything else can wait.

4. You have to trick them into thinking you added more food.

5. Cats – The mortal enemies of blankets.

6. Don’t touch their tummy. It’s a trap!

I love the expression on the dog’s face, that’s why I LOVE dogs… they’re just silly, lovable, happy creatures. -sunnyrei82

7. Just when you’re about to think they are coming towards you.

Invisible monorail explains it all. -Hans

8. Please leave my feet alone.

I love how the corners of the furniture are a scratched up as well.. lol -Traci Mason Hoffman

9. Cat people in a nutshell.

yessss, stayed with six 🙂 -Justyna Marta

10. I am wounded!

Love hurts -António Lima

11. They don’t care about anything at all.

This cartoon looked better if the cat,instead of catching the butterfly,was sitting in the top of the human 🙂 -António Lima

12. They would rather sleep in a box. Or on the dog’s bed.

it’s already a miracle they use one of the beds -Vanessa

13. Prepare for trouble.

This assumes the cat is trying to avoid knocking anything down, more likely the opposite is true. -Peter Miller

14. Release us, immediately!

My cat does the dog version -António Lima

15. Stop scaring me in the middle of the night, Cato!

A dog in your house at night makes you feel safe and secure. A cat in your house at night just freaks you out, and has so many different ways to achieve it. -Ian Cannon

16. Cats can sense the tiniest of movements. It is probably just looking at a speck of dirt.

“I see dead kittens” -António Lima

17. Waking up to their presents.

“Look human what i catched!” -António Lima

18. Oh, you were resting? Well, too bad!

I was sleeping on the couch and my cat used me as a trampoline to get to the window and scratched my arm on the way!! -Leen Pol

19. Your cat’s kneading can be put to use.

Best massage in the world -António Lima

20. We can clean you better!

My dog does that too xD -Psycho Panda

21. Inside the mind of a cat lady.

they sleep on pizza boxes the same reason they sleep on our old pc monitor or old tv: because it’s warm -Kjorn

22. The best way to spend your time.

Cheaper and healthier -António Lima

23. Only the lucky ones get to experience headbutting.

24. They have no sense of personal space.

Well, I mean, you ARE on THEIR couch! -Heather Fowler

25. Deciding sleeping positions.

Cats really are a blessing. I don’t know how I would go on even a single day without my kitten Venus. They give you purpose. They give you a reason to smile and wake up in the morning. Don’t take your babies for granted and be grateful for every moment you spend with them.

26. Hey missy, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

Because their bodies aren’t designed to eat processed cat food -Ellie Markland

27. Your automatic alarm clock.

28. I’ll have to wash my feet again.

29. Clean it up, slave.

Mine watches me while I clean it, only to defile it immediately after. -Tricia Ferrell

30. That’s a man!

31. They always have a favourite.

32. Giving you company everywhere.

Only the owner knows -Fachri Reza

33. Cats and humans go way back.

this one cracked me up xD…. Cat people be CRAZY since the beginning of time! -Misty Pal

34. The reason behind most of your missed deadlines.

You learn to adapt! I can type (very slowly) with a cat on my arm -Sylvie P

35. Is there something wrong with my face?

“Love u human” -António Lima

36. They always want to play at around 3 in the morning.

37. How to spot the perfect one.

38. Cat people with their priorities.

39. Must control!

40. Can you smell my butt too?

Omg!!! Happens all the time! Like there is literally no better spot in the house to do that! -Tetiana Mogylenets

41. The best kind of comfort.

It’s so true animals know when you’re sad and help you feel better they just know -Over Opinionated

42. You’re stuck with fur furever.

43. I still don’t get why they follow us to the toilet.

44. How to find your one true soul mate.

He’s a keeper -Judy Freeman

45. Never enough toys for our precious babies.

They deserve all -António Lima

46. It’s for your own good, kitty!

Honey! Forget the vet…I need to go to the doctor!!! -Misty Pal

47. Boxes are cool, that’s why.

48. How to melt a man.

Men pretend to be macho but are just big softies when they’re with their partners -Over Opinionated

49. Anything but their bed.

My cat never sits on me but always wants to cuddle with people who are allergic or don’t like cats -Zoe Lewis

50. Give me attention!

Do you own a cat? Can you relate to any of these comics? How does your cat make your life miserable? Share your experiences with us in the comments below!

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