Hilarious Cat Memes Which Your Dog Wouldn't Like (34 Pics)

Hilarious Cat Memes Which Your Dog Wouldn’t Like (34 Pics)

  • By Saif
  • April 4, 2021
  • 5 minutes read

Cats & dogs are known to be rivals since the start of times but it has always been a myth whether it’s true or not. Well, to some extent, it is true but in some cases, they both are living under the same roof, happily! BUT cats being cats, love being bossy and hate their space being invaded by anyone else. Be it a human or another animal, they just don’t like it and you can’t do anything about that.

Even the most patient person can lose their cool with cats at times but today, we will be talking about how our doggos can lose their patience too! However, it’s truly a huge blessing if you have got both of these fluffy babies because it’s nothing less than a complete package of entertainment! I mean, what else can you even ask for, right?

Today, we are going to be sharing some of the most hilarious moments which were caught on the camera of these duo and we kid you not, our dogs just might hate us for watching these cat memes. So, you would want to make sure your puppers aren’t around for it. Scroll down to begin

1. The cheetah be like, “what the hell happened to me?”

Via zeldawallpapers

2. The last one gave me shivers.

Via judaguy

3. Look who’s being moody AF now.

Via 2626

4. See, this is why we love cat memes! Always accurate.

Via twinmemes

5. That pose though!

Via chonbons

6. The look of disappointment.

Via CatCosplay

7. It’s a hybrid.

Via zeldawallpapers

8. “Are you being serious right now, hooman?”

Via zeldawallpapers

9. “I know what it is. It’s YOU, hooman.”

Via cantseethecomments

10. HAHA it is indeed one of the best cat memes I’ve come across!

Via randomcombination

11. “Unmanly to have a cat? This one is going to skin you alive!”

Via randomcombination

12. “You should stop being so inconsiderate, hooman. I did jump into the bath, did I not?”

Via ilovememesman

13. Cat owners can totally relate to it.

Via TiaCalenture

14. “Did you clean my litter, peasant? Behold, your lord is going to take a dump now.”

Via rachelvh

15. “What was I even thinking?”

Via UncleGrandpa19

16. Someone’s too hungry!

Via dragon2020

17. Haha this one is hilarious AF!

Via BabyGalaxia

Aren’t you having fun while looking at these hilarious cat memes? It doesn’t matter whether you have a cat or not, you can still enjoy them even if you can’t relate to them. There are more cat memes coming your way, keep scrollin’ until the end!

18. Guess he was wrong after all.

Via anlyin

19. “I am tired of your bullshit. I wanna be high, hooman”

Via Yamai

20. “Oh crap, he’s back again!”

Via La_Chula

21. “You will not wake up the next morning, hooman”

Via simonvilleare9

22. “We are not kiddin’, Natasha. You will regret this.”

Via u/HandsomeJill

23. If that sentence had a face.

Via imgur

24. “Hooman… did you hear that?”

Via u/not_god123

25. “Pssh, hooman. Who dis in da house?”

Via @welikekittens

26. “How can you be so irresponsible? You peasant.”

Via anlyin

27. “How TF can I be so stupid?” I hope nobody saw that.”

Via zeldawallpapers

28. Oh my… what a cutie!

Via zeldawallpapers

29. “Just wanted to poop on someone’s face”

Via zeldawallpapers

30. “What the hell was that, hooman?”

Via ScoopTV

31. “Why are you even keeping him in the house, hooman?”

Via anlyin

32. “Listen, hooman. If you cannot prevent this, I’m gonna have to take some serious decisions.”

Via AFloridian

33. Don’t you just love these type of cat memes?

Via olderbrotherofsnagglepuss

34. “Don’t make me kick you out of the house, peasant.”

Via zeldawallpapers

Weren’t those some of the best and hilarious cat memes that you have seen? These type of cat memes are the reason which keeps us getting through the gloomy days! Which one did you like the most? Let us know into the comments section below and don’t forget to share these hilarious cat memes with your family and friends.

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