10 Hilarious Illustrations That Show Drastic Differences Between Cats and Dogs

10 Hilarious Illustrations That Show Drastic Differences Between Cats and Dogs

  • By Saif
  • 5 months ago
  • 4 minutes read

Are you ready for the Cat VS Dog fight?

Before we get to that, we would like to know which side are you on? Don’t worry, we are not going to be biased about it because we love both of the species equally and we think each of them possesses unique qualities which makes them adorable! However, we still need to find out whether you are a dog person or a cat person? Yes, we understand that this isn’t the first time that you’ve been asked this question because, with so many differences in their personalities, behaviours and individual requirements, cats and dogs come with quite a few drastic differences. But where they may differ from each other, both of the species possess a significant number of similarities too!

Let’s talk about the differences. Dog owners would know that their puppers are most active during the daytime and even though naps are really important for them as a part of their daily routine, they would still prefer to spend time by your side, going on a walk with you or just accompanying you wherever you go. According to research, it has been proven that dogs will encourage you to stay active as well. Isn’t that amazing? You won’t even be needing a personal trainer anymore ;).

Meanwhile, if we talk about cats, they tend to sleep through most of the day. They are known to be lazy little creatures which isn’t a bad thing at all. Cat owners, tell us, have you not witnessed leaving your adorable furry little companion firmly asleep on your bed only to return and see them pretty much stretched out in the same position? Yeah, we know you have because that’s probably what they have been doing all day – taking a nap. But hey, we still love those cute furry little babies to death!

Well, if we start listing the differences and similarities between both of them, there are many! However, if you still haven’t gotten any of these pets and you are still trying to decide which one’s good for you, take a look at these 10 illustrations that we are about to share with you. These illustrations will show you drastic differences between both of the species. Go ahead and make your observations.

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1. Here’s how a dog would get excited to see you vs a cat.

Um, that’s fine. They are just independent little creatures but cute!

2. The famous puppy eyes thing when your dog seeks attention from you.

Meanwhile the cats, they love attention as well but just in a different way.

3. A dog would eat anything, everything!

Cats are choosy, of course! So, make sure you have a good variety of food to please them!

4. Well, this should be self explanatory, don’t you think?

Cats are the boss! Always have been. Everything belongs to them, even your soul. 🙂

5. Here’s a perfect depiction of a mans best friend, isn’t it?

Don’t judge our little felines, they are scared of going outside. Let them chill inside the house.

Playtime is also very different with cats and dogs. While the dogs would love to play a game of fetch with you, the cats would see you toss a ball and would simply walk away, unwilling to join your stupid little game. Cats would rather enjoy pouncing on your feet at night while you’re sleeping as that’s the way they like to play.

6. Dogs are disciplined creatures as you can tell by the way and the places they sleep into.

Meanwhile the cats, well, they would sleep anywhere, everywhere. Even on your face!

7. Both creatures love to play but they have their own ways of doing that.

Both can be destructive while playing!

8. Dogs would enjoy and love it when you’d lift them in your arms.

Um… the cats are not a fan of that.

9. The cats be like, “Why are you being so clingy hooman? Stop it!”

Meanwhile, the dogs be like, “Hooman, let me lick you & give you all my affection and love”

10. Dogs are obedient little creatures.

The cats? HAHA, they are the BOSS. You are their servant. Worship them.

Well well well, it appears like we have reached the end of the post and you still seem confused whether you should get a pupper or a kitty, right? Hey, you know what? Both are incredibly adorable and cute and we can assure you that both of these animals are surely going to improve the quality of your life! So, without any hesitation, just pick any of them and you won’t be disappointed, at all. Let us know what did you think about those illustrations into the comments section below!

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