This Puma Can’t Live In The Wild So He Lives With Couple Who Rescued Him

  • By Asad
  • June 1, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Ever look at your cat and wonder what it’d be like if he was absolutely supermassive? Well, look no further, because a couple has figured out a way to adopt themselves a puma to raise in their own home. It looks as insane as it sounds. An average male puma weighs up to 220lbs but this kitty that they adopted from the zoo was a special case. See, he had a medical condition which meant that the most he could weigh was less than half of that, at 90lbs. Sure, that’s not super heavy, but that’s still ten times more than the average housecat!

He came to live with the couple in May 2017, and they have been documenting it on his very own Instagram that boasts almost 1.5 million followers! He also has his own youtube channel with similar numbers! Clearly, the world is a fan of the kitten puma who acts like an oversized house cat.

You can check out more about Messi on his Youtube or Instagram!

Just look at those teefs!

This is clearly an overgrown kitty.

“Hello! We are Sasha and Masha, and this is our cat, his name is Messi. We bought this puma from the contact zoo at the age of one year. Together we live in an ordinary apartment where Messi organized his cozy corner. We go to the toilet twice a day; we walk there and waste energy.”

Face squish.

He even sits around like a kitty.

“The cat eats only meat products, a properly balanced diet. Strictly according to the regulations. In addition, we go to training classes 4 times a week. Messi is a very affectionate and contact cat, does not bite, does not spoil furniture and plays without claws. He likes to be stroked and loves to talk. Still with us lives a kitten (sphinx) Cyrus and she does not really like a cat. She pounds him with his paws and hisses at him.”

I really wanna pet him.

He might kill me but it’s worth it.

“We had three days of thinking hard about whether it was moral to keep a puma, and whether it was common sense to have one. But nothing could fight our sudden wish, so we went to the zoo and started negotiations to buy Messi. We were surprised ourselves when they agreed.”

Look at him all snuggled up


“We were so happy, and even though he was quite weak and demanded a lot of attention, we didn’t regret our decision at all, because of his health problems he is only two-thirds the size of a normal puma and only weighs 90lbs, but that’s still 10 times more than an average cat. Of course, it’s quite dangerous having such a large cat at home, but Messi is a special animal.”

He’s getting ready to pounce.

Those eyes!

“Everyone who knows him thinks he is a human in a puma’s skin. He is very talkative and always answers when we speak to him. Sometimes he agrees with what we say, but sometimes he can be insulted. He’s and incredible animal. We are so lucky he is like he is and we would not recommend having wild cats at home. We sincerely do not recommend bringing a cougar into your home. It is very dangerous! Messi is unique, do not repeat this!”

I wanna pet the kitty

He needs his own couch.

His paws are huge.

What about you? Would you get a cat like this, if situations arose to let you? Tell us in the comments!

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