Hilariously Relatable Doggo Memes That Hits Too Close To Home

Hilariously Relatable Doggo Memes That Hits Too Close To Home

Dogs have been a source of entertainment for us since a very long time now. Their cutest behaviours and silly shenanigans have been nothing but amusing. There is a reason why dogs are known to be a humans best friend; because they are just so amazing at keeping us happy. These wonderful creatures are no doubt the cutest and friendliest but they also have many other benefits. Some of these include keeping us mentally, emotionally, and physically fit. That aside, today we will be focusing solely on doggo memes and they are hilarious enough to make us laugh out loud!

Memes have been a part of our life for decades now. Although, creating and sharing memes has become a common thing to do amongst, mostly the youngsters, but the older generations seems to enjoy it, too. Anything they find funny, just add it in a picture with a funny and relatable caption and VOILA! You’ve got yourself a meme! One of our favorite types of memes are doggo memes and that is exactly what we’ve got in store for you today.

So, without making you wait any longer, scroll on ahead and be prepared for a fun ride;

1. We can all admit this is super awkward,

Via dankmemeuniversity

Especially when you don’t know that person well enough.

2. I want to be as happy as this dog.

Via ironjanowar

Life goals!

3. First, I’d be scared,

Via @memesmelody

Then, maybe I’ll cry myself to sleep.

4. Did not even know such a muzzle existed!

Via trzymajsieryju

Alright, but this is hella cute though.

5. Wait for it,

Via jfsdigital.org

Not sure if we want that to happen.

6. Someone got a little too excited.

Via bunbunbunni-blog

Good thing the doggo at the back isn’t going as fast.

7. Read this, you’ll thank us.

Via humorstar



Via u/Imsoamerican

Is it an earthquake? Is you okay, hooman? WHAT?!?!

9. I’d love to go to this fortune teller!

Via bunbunbunni-blog

Master Doggo, please tell me how many doggos I will have in my future…

10. The sleep is slowly taking over.


Also yawns are contagious. How is this hooman not yawning after every 5 seconds?

We know these are hilarious and funny Af. Which is why we don’t want to end the fun just yet. Lucky for you, we have some more of these relatable memes ahead which might be funnier than the previous ones. (Yes, they definitely are.) So, don’t pick favorites just yet. Scroll down and keep enjoying!

11. *Moves to Nepal*

Via itsplantynow

Some people, and countries are better than the rest.

12. This one makes me want to do good things,

Via u/Basanas

just so I can go to heaven and meet him.

13. Anything for the doggo!

Via spicymemesociety

And as fast as possible!

14. Dogs; putting therapists out of business.

Via @memes

Okay, but, same. Yep!

15. Ain’t nobody got time for this today human.

Via u/-no-idea-of-the-time

Go fetch it yourself.

16. It’s very difficult to pick up.

Via @Puppzu

There’s a little fur on my meatball… Is that normal?

17. Then vs Now

Via @RespectfulMemes

Surprise, surprise, Bill Gates.

18. They will forever be our little babies.

Via u/sirdogalot

No matter how old they get!

19. The most accurate description ever.

Via u/atmosphericspark

You can’t even change our minds.

20. Need to find someone like that.

Via u/No_Energy7768

Or wait, I have a doggo. I don’t need anyone else.

Unfortunately, you have reached the end. We know this happened too soon however, all good things must come to an end. These memes weren’t just relatable, but also super adorable. We want to pet each and every doggo in these memes.

Have you finally picked favorites? Let us know in the comments section below. And, share these with all your doggie loving friends and fam!

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