13 Deep Cat Thoughts Your Kitty Ponders

  • By Saif
  • September 28, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Every now and then, every human being is likely to indulge in deep thoughts, but what if we told you that your kitty ponders them too?

Being a cat owner is indeed one of the best feelings in the world. Cats are incredibly amazing creatures with a lot of mood swings and bossy attitudes, but well, we just can’t help ourselves from adoring them, can we? However, as you would have guessed by the title what this article is about, we are going to talk about what kind of deep thoughts our cats would indulge themselves into.

As interesting as it sounds, this is going to be hilarious and alarming too because our cute little furry companions would do many things intentionally just to annoy us. We have managed to gather a few “deep thoughts” which your kitty would like to ponder and guys, you are certainly going to laugh your asses off while relating to it, of course!

So, grab some popcorns as we are going to dive into the mind of these funny little furballs.

1. Oh yeah, so that means we are gonna have to trick them into believing that we do not disapprove of that “certain thing” which we actually disapprove of.

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Reverse psychology, baby.

2. We can never comprehend that logic.

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“Because it’s warm, you stoopid hooman”

3. Yeah because we have absolutely nothing else to do than please our cats.

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“I am ordering you to wake up and give me attention, you hooman slave”

4. Because they always have to grab whatever we show our interest in.

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“Play with me, hooman creature”

5. Please enlighten us with your wisdom, master.

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” Maybe hoomans don’t care about the fly because they know I’m going to protecc”

6. Oh, sorry kitty, we keep forgetting that we are just your tenants and you are the boss of the house.

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“Stop trying to touch my box, hooman”

By now, you may think that you know it all but well, we are just halfway through. Apart from that, there are so many thoughts which your little kitty ponders and we cannot even try to anticipate them because yeah, they are that unpredictable. Keep scrolling for more “deep thoughts”.

7. Ah, finally we know that it’s not just about the affection.

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“There are so many things which they think that I’m being cute, but little do they know that I do it intentionally”

8. Sorry, Lord Kitty. One day we will adapt to your ways and the world will finally be yours.

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“I just try to return the favours but I don’t understand why they don’t like it”

9. Awww, we are sorry about that but hey, that’s just a short trip. We don’t put you in that for a long time.

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“Wish I could put the hoomans in this little cage too”

10. Hmmm… interesting.

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“You think you’re the only one with deep thoughts, hooman?”

11. No no, the car ride definitely ends when you’ve meowed enough because we can’t see you being uncomfortable.

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“But what if I’m just doing it for fun?”

12. Yes, PLEASE let us know in advance so that we don’t overdo it.

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“No hoomans, we just like to punish you and remind you that you are a slave”

13. Make sure your cat is not around while you do that.

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But well, our cats are always around and keeping an eye on us.

We have finally reached the end and now you know what goes inside the mind of your cat. But we hope that while you were reading all these “deep thoughts”, your cat was not around to see this. You wouldn’t want to know about their secrets, would you? Let us know more about what goes in the mind of your kitties into the comments section below.

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