Cutest Cat Photos To Make Your Day Livelier

If you have spent a lot of time on the internet and do not live under a rock, you would be well aware that humans, well a majority of them at least, are madly in love with cats. How cats feel about us though, is still a mystery and will remain one until and unless they magically start speaking. Even when comparing dogs to cats, dogs have several ways to be expressive where as cats would rather remain unconcerned. But, they still bring you a lot of happiness. Be it cats, or dogs. In fact, having a pet dramatically effects your way of life. This can even be proven by science that having a pet has some unique benefits and they have the ability to boost your physical and emotional well being.

Let’s focus more on cats. Those funny little creatures who would rather be understood than understand. Whilst getting a cat, you should start preparing yourself mentally that you won’t own the cat, the cat would own you, everything that is yours and everything that it can see. It will all be cute and funny for a while until you realize that you have a deadline to meet and your cat has been sitting on your computers or laptops for hours just to get some warmth. However, they will make your day brighter when they start rubbing their heads against your leg, give you tiny kisses, purr while sitting on your lap. All these would melt your heart!

They make life long friends not only for you but also for your family! Here are few cat pictures that will make your day a lot better and joyful! Scroll down and see!

1. Maybe the cat wants you to change her name!

via Twitter.com

The sadness on her face is making me sad. All I want to do right now is give her the biggest hug possible.

2. She probably got so huge because all she wants is to be carried around – all the time.

via reddit.com

I wouldn’t mind taking that job, to be honest.

3. Snapchat filters making everything hilarious!

via Twitter.com

This cat will adhere to every role!

4. All ready for a peaceful cat nap.

via reddit.com

All tucked up!

5. What a flattened cat looks like!

via reddit.com

Smooshed up against the glass.

6. Enjoying the sun!

via reddit.com

It’s so weird that cats can actually sit in the sun for hours. And then we get some toasty cuddles.

7. At least she does her business in private.

via Twitter.com

“My cat poops like this and it will never stop being funny to me. Her litterbox is huge yet she chooses this.” – @samlymatters

8. Eat your greens to stay healthy and fit

via u/PM_Me_Grecian_Urns / Via reddit.com

Health is this cat’s utmost priority!

9. Maintain a safe distance or you will burn your paws little one…

via Twitter.com

Love how this one has managed to get all four of her paws up against the fire.

Do you love cats as much as we do? Or maybe you love them more than we do! If yes, then I am sure you enjoyed this article. Cats are so humorous and many of the above images cracked us up really bad! We have chosen our favorite and would love to hear yours! Let us know in the comments section below!

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