21 Photos Of Cats Wrapped Into Purritos

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  • July 19, 2020
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One of the more eventful things that you have to do as a cat owner is to give your cat a bath. My cat does not like the water, and most other cats share the same sentiment. If he ever notices that I’m about to run him a bath, he will hide and I will never be able to find him. But it’s not something that’s optional either, because while cats can keep themselves clean, as his owner, it’s my responsibility to make sure he’s extra super clean.

One of my favorite parts of the bath is when it ends. Because then, I can wrap him up in his towel, and dry him off. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a cat wrapped up in a towel before, but it’s the most serene and adorable thing ever because they’re just so comfortable having been turned into a cat burrito, or what the internet refers to as a burrito. In fact, these are so adorable, that we decided to collect a whole bunch from the internet to show you!

#1 Blue and teal

Purina did an article on whether cats need to bathe!

Do cats really need baths? In a word, no. After all, grooming themselves is something cats do very well. And they should, considering how much time they spend at it. With their barbed tongues they are usually quite capable of keeping their own coats clean without any help from humans, thank you very much.

#2 Pink

#3 White with orange spots

#4 White and green stripes

However, regardless of your cat’s opinion, there are some circumstances that make shampoo and water necessary. For example, if you discover external parasites, stubborn dirt (such as paint or sap) or smelly stuff in your cat’s fur, nothing short of a bath will safely get her clean.

#5 Two pinks

#6 Red

#7 Lavender

#8 Yellow

If your cat has long hair (yes Persians, this means you) keeping it clean may be more than she can handle, regardless of her grooming skills. On the other hand, hairless cats such as Sphynx need periodic baths to remove body oils that are normally absorbed by the hair they lack.

#9 Grey

#10 Pink

#11 Caramel

#12 White

#13 More white

#14 Still white

There are also medical reasons why your cat might need a bath. Cats that are elderly, obese or have mobility issues may find it a challenge to keep clean (at least to cat standards). Or, if you have a human family member with a cat allergy, giving your cat a weekly rinse can help reduce allergy-aggravating cat dander. Of course, while this may improve life for the allergy sufferer, we can’t say the same for the person bathing the cat. 😉

#15 Green

#16 Orange

#17 Pink!

#18 Wet and white

#19 Grey

#21 More greys!

What about you? Do you fancy a purrito? Tell us down in the comments!

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