20 Naughty Pets Who Are Not Ashamed Of Their Mischievous Behaviour

  • By Sara
  • August 3, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Pets can be very weird at times.

Our relationship with our furry friends can be complicated sometimes. Some days it’s a smooth sail and other times it can be rocky. Pets can drive you crazy. It is like they get a sense of satisfaction after watching our misery. Pets will do things on purpose that we stop them from. And they don’t feel any regret afterwards either. If we’re scolding them, they’ll give us a smug smile that just reads “And I’ll do it all over again!”

So, yes. It can be a love-hate relationship as they can get on our nerves. But we still love them. We forgive them and allow them to torture us all over again. That is just how things are and we have absolutely no problem with it. Neither do the pets. Scroll down below to see 20 naughty pets who are not ashamed of their mischievous behaviour:

1. “The cat returns with a sausage stolen from an unknown neighbor’s bbq…”

3. “I was just lying here.”

4. “Assert dominance over humanity.”

5. “I was wondering why my succulents were dying…”

6. “Do you like my new hat?”

7. “Nope, it wasn’t me.”

8. “My boyfriend was wondering why his room was so cold.”

9. “No more playing.”

10. “He stole the baby’s pacifier. I’m not mad at all.”

Look at these little devils! Their shenanigans know no end. They are so proud of their mischeifs. No matter how much you shame your pets for the things they do, nothing can stop them. They will gladly do it all over again. Scroll below for the rest:

11. Blind in one eye.

12. He chewed off the last few words of the last 5 pages, the ones his owner didn’t read.

13. “It took him 3 seconds.”

14. “Lying on the books like he doesn’t have a place to relax.”

15. Not the pizza!

16. Good luck with that puzzle.

17. “Yes, he tore apart his toy, but he was so satisfied and he didn’t get scolded.”

18. Scene of the crime.

19. Trash talking.

20. Leg in the cup too.

How does your pet like to annoy you? Let us know your experiences in the comments below!

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