Cats Who Just Got Adopted And Living The Best Cat Life

Cats Who Just Got Adopted And Living The Best Cat Life

  • By Saif
  • October 8, 2020
  • 10 minutes read

As you might have already read the title of this post, we are going to be talking about and celebrating the cat adoption! Cats are truly amazing creatures – they’re smol, cute, beautiful and sassy! They’re a perfect package to keep you occupied and never let you be sad for a moment. When these furry babies can do so much for us, we owe them as well! We owe to take them out of the shelters and provide them with a furever home where they are given all the love and care they actually deserve.

If you’re a cat lover and plan on buying a pet, we would strongly recommend you to adopt a cat instead! Because you will actually be able to change someone’s life. That feeling is unmatched. So please adopt, we beg y’all to! These babies deserve this! Today we celebrate adoption. And the sight of these babies getting adopted is such an emotional one that we couldn’t help but share it with all of you! You’ll be in tears halfway through. It’s simply heartwarming.

And lastly, to all those who have adopted and provided these animals with a home and love, you’re superheroes! You’re saving their lives and we owe all of you and are grateful for your existence! To all those who are planning to adopt, you’re going in the right direction!

Scroll down to see these babies getting their fur-ever homes!

1.The best and the cutest work-buddy ever!

Via u/CounterYou

When you are forced to work from home, you adopt a kitten. Everyone meet tomato! My wee little companion during this difficult time

2. This gorgeous kitty was worth the wait surely! Happy adoption!

Via u/girlysquirrelyy

I have been waiting 23 years to get my own cat and today I rescued her! Meet Mia Muffin

3. The only creatures that can get you out of the pandemic, sane! How smol!

Via u/goodtoknow92

In light of the covid-19 crisis, we decided that some happiness was needed for our family. Proud to introduce little Bluey to the world!

4. Ball got some looks and poses! Those perfect whiskers, we’re crying!

Via u/oddballout3

Finally the cat was cleared and we were able to adopt her. Meet Bell

5. Working from home suddenly looks more appealing!

Via u/HA-KE

Working from home with a new adoption makes it a whole lot more bearable

6. This kitty is loving her new bed and that teddy! Purrfect!

Via u/catsnmountains

I adopted this cat from family so she didn’t have to go into foster

7. Trying out the new tongue pose for pictures today! Damn, kitty!

Via u/Chubka

I adopted Astrid this week. Kitten is still figuring herself out.

8. A better love story than Twilight!

Via u/TheWhiteBobbyJindal

Lots of strange things happening in the world lately. Adopted this rescue kitty today to help make both our lives better

9. This pregnant stray cat getting her furever home is the highlight of today!

Via u/jeffxin

I adopted a pregnant stray cat today. Meet Morgana

10. This kitty is like, “I’m not gonna let go of you, hooman!”

Via u/DrunkFenix

Today i rescued this littly beauty, she drive with me for 1,5 hours like this. I think she knows she’s going to her forever home

11. The cutest siblings award goes to these purfect babies!

Via u/pumbaa7287

Our two new additions! Brother and sister!

12. We’re so ecstatic for this new cat family!

Via u/Aainikin

We just adopted a feral and her newborns. Wish us luck!

13. The brighter side of Covid-19!

Social distancing means plenty of time to settle in a new kitten… everyone meet Indy!!

14. Lynx is still getting used to being clicked every 2 minutes!

Via u/mustinjellquist

My brother got a cat. Everyone meet lynx.”

15. This smol furball definitely stole our hearts with those good-kitty looks!

Via u/bigbadjoeyT

Meet Rudy, my girlfriend and I got him today and he is the friendliest little dude! He has been lounging on the sofa with us all day. Can’t believe how quickly he has warmed to us!!

No, this is not the end! It’s your lucky day! We know these pictures are too wholesome for us to end it right here! And for those of you who are still thinking to get a cat, we are really hopeful that this post would inspire you to adopt a kitten and change their life forever! So keep on scrolling and enjoy these cats being adopted!

16. Best birthday present to oneself!

Via u/MarswithDbars

I’ve been waiting my entire life for this, but on my 20th birthday 4 days ago, I finally adopted my first kitten. Meet Gus everyone

17. Toda is enjoying its nap in his new furever home like… How peaceful!

Via u/slothglass

Adopted him last night… Here he is toda

18. Doggo couldn’t help but be friends with the kitty! WHOLESOME

Via u/CoveredInKSauce

Got a kitten recently an we didn’t think the dog and her would get along based on their first few meetings. I’d say they’re getting along just fine now.

19. Sashimi certainly seems so grateful to his hoomans!

Via u/BearNut

We recently saved this little guy. He was certainly a miracle baby and is growing so strong. Meet Sashimi!

20. When life blesses you!

Via u/JKWrites1018

My beloved cat died on Sunday and I wanted someone new to take care of. My vet called and told me that this brother and sister duo needed an emergency home ASAP. It was fate. World, meet Fitz and Georgie!

21. We love the dedication of this hooman! We need more such heroes!

Via u/nexerxe

Meet Spotty. My parents gave her away without telling me, so I hunted her down, and with the help of friends and kind internet strangers I adopted her today!

22. If the doggo has welcomed these adopted kittens with open arms! What’s your excuse?

Via u/melllis

We adopted a pair of kittens today. My husband was a little worried about how they’d do with our dog.. He’s no longer concerned.

23. Cooper looks like he’ll make his parents proud!

Via u/Narwelch

adopted the sweetest boy recently. Full of affection. His name is Cooper

24. This kitty should certainly model! Just look at those eyes and bow!

Via u/Rossay

“I was never allowed a pet growing up and have always been too scared to get one, but finally decided to take the plunge. Meet little Gatsby.”

25. Looks like someone’s lockdown just got better! Quarantine kitty!

Via u/speekman3

“This beautiful blepper showed up just as lockdown kicked off here in NZ. We weren’t sure if this “straybe” had a home. He was attention starved, underweight, flea full, and gifting us lizards. —

26. Thursday is the cutest fluffball ever!

Via u/givemeyourpasta

“Just adopted this kitten! Her name is Thursday.”

27. We can’t get over those eyes and that face! We’re in love with this wee kitty!

Via u/gkpetrescue

“My wee foster kitten. Now adopted.”

28. Ranger is all set to settle in his furever home!

Via u/kickerboi

My first adopted pet, Meet Ranger!

29. This kitty is going to add a lot of life in its new home!

Via u/CountMordrek

”meet Greta, a fallen warrior after three days of mischiefs at her new home.”

This is not the end either! Hurrayy! We know what makes y’all happy and we’re here to cater to that! These pictures are hitting us right in the feels! But the good news is we have more of these so continue scrolling cat lovers!

30. Tell us about something more perfect. We’ll wait!

Via u/drawitl

“I took this stray in three hours ago. Now he meows when I leave the room and constantly sits on my lap and purrs. This is a dream come true.”

31. This Cat is showing hoomans how it is done!

My older cat, Frank, has adopted a kitten, Bean, that we rescued from a CVS parking lot… from aww


“My older cat, Frank, has adopted a kitten, Bean, that we rescued from a CVS parking lot…”

32. That snuggle is giving us all the feels! We’re crying happy tears!

Via u/soup-thief

“three days after adopting ziggy, he’s settling in just fine.”

33. Have you ever seen a perfect cloud? No? Here you go!

Via u/VisIsh

“Everyone says hello to Cloud, my adopted cat. It’s his second day with me. I love his eyes and he loves to hug me”

34. Peach certainly knows how to grab those eyeballs!

Via u/megm8

“Two weeks ago I finally got an appointment at my local shelter. I went with the full intention of adopting a kitten, but the first cat I saw was THIS BEAUTIFUL GIRL. Her name is Peach, she’s three and a half years old and she’s perfect.”

35. This kitty descended straight from heaven! Because look how pure and innocent!

Via u/wondergirl2013

“Finally got myself a fur baby!!!! Meet Minerva, my cuddly little spazz <3”

39. Lucky is going to be very lucky and so are his new hooman parents!

Via u/Thechuz1337

“Lucky, the 6 year old Vampire cat. A rescue we are adopting on Saturday.”

40. When you know you have got the perfect family, you purr!

Via u/vssecret

“I adopted him two hours ago and he was purring before he got out of the carrier.”

41. Can you spot a little kitty named Alfred?

Via u/SentimentalBear

“Got my first kitten at 33. Meet Alfred.”

42. Those bewitching eyes captivated our hearts!


“Just adopted my first ever kitten… Meet Wockian.”

43. AW. We hope Annie never has to cry again in her new home!

Via u/davinpantz

“I was heading home from work and heard this little girl crying under our patio. I guess I own a kitten now. Everyone meet the very sweet Annie.”

44. Bella- the cat who emails!

Via u/ismphoto123

“Found someone giving away this little thing for $20. She’s taken up her natural residency on the laptop and has already sent two emails. Meet Bella!”

45. This smol kitten just took up a very huge space in our hearts!

Via u/ZZuy

“Everyone meet little Tobi! Found him in the rain a few days ago but now he has his forever home!”

46. Look at this gentleman!

Via u/reformed-dan

“I recently got a tuxedo kitten, first time raising a cat.”

47. Barry is open for hugs! We are on our way!

Via u/notbillc0sby

“Everybody meet my first kitten, Barry!”

48. Older cats are precious. This is proof!

Via u/Mydogfartsconstantly

Bonus: “2 months after adopting an older cat I still can’t figure out why anyone wouldn’t want this big bag of love.”

49. Isn’t Henry the most perfect cat ever?!

Got this little ham yesterday. Meet Henry. from aww


“Got this little ham yesterday. Meet Henry.”

We are in actual tears! Tears of happiness! These cats getting adopted was too wholesome. We are so happy that we have no words to describe our emotions RN! We hope you feel the same way and these babies put a wide smile on your faces! No one can resist their cuteness, they’re without a doubt, perfect! And they deserve a perfect life. So do all the cats in the shelters, so please ADOPT! That’s the most you can do if you love cats! And if you have already adopted share your pets pictures with us so we can celebrate them in our next post!

Share this with your family and friends so they adopt as well! Let’s adopt all of these babies and make this world a better place filled with cats!

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