Glow-ups Of 25 Puppers Who Grew Up To Big Doggos

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  • August 16, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

Generally ‘glow-ups’ mean to physically grow up into something better. But is there any term for something already cute that turns into something cuter and cuter and never stops? We guess not. But that is perfectly okay because we’re not here to improve your vocabulary. What we’re here for is something that you might have never seen before.

Dog glow-ups. That’s right! We’ve got them here for you. These are some of the amazing glow-ups that we have seen in a while. Never thought those little (already very cute) puppies would turn into something so beautiful, so lovely, EXTRA delightful. So if we have to choose between small dogs or big dogs, we’d choose ALL DOGS. That is why we couldn’t help but share it with the world to see. No jokes, but this has got to be the BEST article you’ve seen in a while too.

Therefore, we have whittled these glow-ups down for you and these are some of our favourites.

1. Once a pupper, always a pupper.


via Izismile
Toooooo cute!

2. That is one handsome dog.

via Izismile

From not-even-half a leg to a full-grown beautiful dog. We’re impressed.

3. Wait, what just happened?

via Izismile

If you said this was a sheep, we would’ve believed you.

4. The floofier, the better.

via Izismile

He changed colours too. All glow-n up, you mean?

5. We love big furry friends.

via Izismile

You can tell, that lady is satisfied.

6. Another furry buddy!!!

via Izismile

The dog can outgrow himself. But can’t outgrow our laps.

7. The look on the guy’s face…

via Izismile

…explains the happiness.

8. oh, is there a dog in the first picture?

via Izismile

We couldn’t see the little dude. But now we can.

9. Ohhh paw-lease.

via Izismile

But where did those ears go?

10. Those puffy cheeks!

via Izismile

Still as cute and sleepy.

11. That’s it. It’s getting too cute in here.

via Izismile

He grew up too fast and we’re sad.

12. Woah! Can someone share their growing montage?

via Izismile

Because we can’t believe that little thing turned into this beauty.

Oh No! Don’t stop yet. We’re literally just getting started. Also, we know you’re having fun watching these glow-ups. We can tell. So what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling!

13. Once a lap-puppy, Always a lap-dog

via Izismile

Although he’s not too happy about it.

14. And how could we forget…

via Izismile

This pittie dog glow-up is reaaaalll.

15. Sorry doggo, you can’t fit in there anymore.

via Izismile

Don’t look at us with that face.

16. What 7-months transformation does to you…

via Izismile

It makes you fur-y cute.

17. Tiny cuddle buddy

via Izismile

All grown up now.

18. The dog seems really happy with his transformation

via Izismile

*Look at him in the helmet*

19. Same ears, Same attitude.

via Izismile

We promise he’s happy.

20. Somethings never change…

via Izismile

Aaaannd he turned out to be flawless.

21. Looks like he’s living his best life now.

via Izismile

He has grown to be a Charmer.

22. He might’ve gotten bigger, but that face…

via Izismile

100% original.

23. Glow-up at its best.

via Izismile

Somebody give this dog a 12/10 for cuteness.

24. He came with those eyebrows…

via Izismile

And those eyes are still mesmerizing.

25. Hella cute!

via Izismile

Its beauty just won our hearts.

Very well now! You have reached the end of this article. We know it’s sad and it’s even sadder to see you go. But that doesn’t mean anything. You can always come back to see new transformations anytime. These dogs have probably dazzled you with their amazing glow-ups by now. So hurry up and tell us which one was your favourite and why in the comments down below.

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