28 Adorable Cats Snuggled Up In Blankets

28 Adorable Cats Snuggled Up In Blankets

  • By Sara
  • October 13, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Cats are adorable.

There is no doubt about it. They are small and cuddly and we can never get tired of them. Our little feline friends have taken over the Internet. You see catto memes everywhere, and there are countless of cat celebrities on Instagram as well. People love keeping up with the lives of these cute kitties. It melts our hearts seeing their funny shenanigans. They entertain us a lot.

However, it isn’t just their funny antics that we need. Sometimes we just need to cuddle up with our cats after a long day at work. Cats are amazing cuddlers. If you don’t own a cat, trust me, you’re missing out on a lot. They are warm and furry and they take all our sadness away with their love. They have the power to make us feel better and we are so grateful to have them. Scroll down below to see 28 adorable cats snuggled up in blankets:

1. Matching blanket with fur.

Via straycatj

2. Sleeping takes away all the worries.

Via @perfumeofficial

3. Don’t disturb him.

Via liapumpkin

4. Found someone here.

Via charmantecats

5. Staying in like this seems like the best plan ever.

Via @BethFratesMD

6. Weighted blanket cuddling.

Via @JoshuaPrice88

7. No worries in the world.

Via @RolfatWarwick

8. This is such a perfect picture.

Via love-me-like-autumn

9. She looks so sleepy.

Via world-of-cats

10. A purrito.

Via lackadaisical98

11. Cuddled with a buddy.

Via cleansifyer

12. Silly catto.

Via charmantecats

13. The perfect gift.

Via @simran_maya

14. All snuggled up.

Via nivrir

Cats are actually a huge source of emotional support for us. They are great listeners and they are always there for us. Cats can sense when a person is upset through their negative energy. They will cuddle with you to make you feel better. Also, a cat’s purring has the ability to relax humans. Scroll down below for more cattos:

15. Peek-a-boo.

Via getoutoftherecat

16. So smol.

Via @animaIarmy

17. I can only see paws.

Via mipha-mooo

18. Snuggle puss.

Via @CatFoodBreath

19. Stretching in bed.

Via memories-of-a-lost-soul

20. He is a strong, independent catto.

Via @ChantelHouston

21. Catto will make you feel better.

Via @rohmontgomery

22. A pretty kitty with a pretty blanket.

Via @NitrateDiva

23. She seems to be enjoying it.

Via @binglinhu

24. Pinky.

Via cat-government

25. Peaceful sleep.

Via finnskeeper

26. Space kitty getting some rest.

Via @PeriwinkleChuk1

27. Warm and happy.

Via sour-sound

28. Dad, he’s sleeping in my spot!

Via cat-cosplay

Does your cat like to snuggle with you under blankets too? Let us know in the comments below.

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