32 Adorable Before-After Photos Of Cats Growing Up With Their Favorite Toys

  • By Malaika
  • June 21, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

We can all have our favorite toys.

I think we all had a favorite toy when we were kids and that stuck with us for a long time after our childhood was gone. At least it did for me. I remember hiding the stuffed toy I slept with from my friends when they came over because I didn’t want to be embarrassed. However, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

And the same applies to our pets. While you might think they would tear up and new toy given. Some kitties are very sentimental and hold onto their favorite ones until they are all grown up. Just take a look at the following before and after pictures of these cats with the same toys but now they have reached full adulthood.

#1 A friend that lasted a lifetime.

#2 A duck that doesn’t know how to swim.

18 Months Later and He Still Sleeps With His Duck.

#3 All I see is a pink something.

#4 I think the box is a little bit too small now.

#5 Crocodile 1, Cat 0.

Croc Battle: Then and Now.

#6 She ain’t going to let it go.

8 Months Later, Little Ball of Fury.

#7 Oh no, the monkey has no face.

What a Difference a Year and a Half Makes for Both Cat and His Monkey Toy.

#8 He is not going to get bored in just 4 years.

4 Years Later and It’s Still His Favorite.

#9 The duck used to be bigger than him at one point.

7 Years Later, He Still Loves His Duck.

#10 Are we sure she is not stuck in the plastic wrapper.

6 Months Later, She Still Loves It.

#11 The green froggy looks a bit disappointed.

#12 Is that nightmare fuel?

Still Rock’s Favorite Toy.

#13 He can’t sleep without his best friend.

Gizmo and Pookie – Bff’s.

#14 I think that is a pasta noodle or something similar.

Stevie The Kitty, Still Loves Her String.

#15 ‘Why does this mouse keep coming back to life?’

Love At First Sight – She Stole Mouse Attached To My Keys. Now She “kills” It Every Night.

#16 Did he eat the rest of the rabbit?

#17 Rupert the bear is looking a tiny bit haggard.

8 Months Apart, Rupert the Bear Is Still Eric’s Favorite Toy.

#18 Okay, so I really want that pillow now.

3 Years Old And Still Loves His Mofumin-pillow.

#19 My my, that is a lot of toys.

#20 Rita looks surprised in the after picture.

Rita, The Cat, And Joana, The Little Bug – Months Apart.

#21 Who needs toys when you’ve got shoes?

#22 The doctor heals her of all her illnesses.

Miep With Her Bunsen Honeydew at 4 Weeks and 1 Year.

#23 ‘It’s mine! Don’t you dare touch it!’

She Can Be Very Angry If You Try To Take Her “toy”.

#24 Does the fox only have one eye?

Clara & Foxy-fox 2 Months – 2 Years.

#25 This is the reason Pumpkin is awake all night.

Pumpkin And His Owl After 1 Year.

#26 I can understand why.

Tyler Still Prefers Grown Up Toys ~ 2 Years Later.

#27 “I can never get the ball hooman.’

Tina and Her Wheel, 4 Months Apart.

#28 I think she is getting a bit too big for her basket.

Havah Who Always Sleeps In Her Basket.

#29 This one turned out to be quite the chonkers kitty.

#30 I have never heard the word ‘feathery toy balls’ in my life.

#31 Why would someone make this toy?

#32 His bear desperately needs a day at the spa.

Does your pet have a favorite toy that they haven’t let go of yet? Is it still in good shape or about to be torn in pieces?  Comment down below and let us know.

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