Cat With Split-Colored Face Becomes A Father To Kittens Of Each Color

Cat With Split-Colored Face Becomes A Father To Kittens Of Each Color

Back in 2018, we came across one of the cutest cats with his face split precisely in half. One side was black and the other side was gray. It’s safe to say we fell madly in love with them and couldn’t control our emotions.

This cat was named Narnia and before we even continue, how cute is that name, right? Narnia was this adorable little baby with blue eyes and the internet just lost it! The mystery of what the cause behind this cats appearance is still unknown but just to catch you up, cats with such looks are called chimeras – they are the ones whose cells actually contains not just one but two types of DNA, causing the embryos to join together. When this little munchkin was born to owner Stephanie Jiminez, she immediately knew she was going to love him forever and that he was beyond what she had imagined; “When Narnia was born I was extremely surprised. I knew immediately that he was exceptional.” And, if you thought this little baby boy was cute back then, well, this one actually grew up to be extremely handsome! Not just that, Narnia actually became a father.

Besides the fact that its extremely adorable, our little ones grow up so fast. Fast enough to become fathers themselves. And as if one cat with this much cuteness wasn’t enough, Narnia’s children are even more cuter! He is the father of two very gorgeous kittens who were born in the fur color of each side of their fathers face! One of the siblings was born with all black fur named Prada and the other was born with all gray fur named Phoenix. It’s as if the nature was trying fix their past mistake (nope, we don’t think it was a mistake!)

Scroll down to see Narnia and his awesome looking family!

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Meet Narnia, the father.

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As if one amazing looking parent wasn’t enough, the mother is also beautiful!

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Now meet the babies who decided it was best to take up their dads colors

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Narnia is not a first time dad. He has been a dad many times before and his children are all of different colors! Narnia’s owner, Stephanie Jiminez, is a professional cat breeder and as per her, this won’t be the last time Narnia is going to be dad.

Prada and Phoenix have many other siblings including two twins of light brown color named,  Orfée and Ozanna, a pitch black Roswell and a gray Rose, and like their mommy (you’ll see soon) two multicolored boys named Polaris and Phantom!

According to his owner, Narnia is and has been doing a pretty good job at being a father;

“Narnia is very well and he loves playing with his kittens.”

They probably thought; let’s not fight – let’s equally divide!

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Excuse me, who put this handsome man in the flowers?

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Your majesty, can we please give you some hugs and kisses?

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Even though these two kitties are mesmerizing, they did not inherit their fathers icy blue eyes. Which is strange since all the other kittens inherited this beautiful feature. Here is what Stephanie had to say;

“It is very rare, there are only a few cats in the world that are fully colored and have blue eyes. This is a new gene called “ice.”

As of now, Narnia would have been a dad again as his babies were due on June 29.

Those icy blue eyes, straight outta GOT

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Supercat? Indeed!

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This one’s got a little gray in his black

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Narnia now resides in Britain, even though he was born in paris. As mentioned above, it was assumed that Narnia was one of the rare chimera cat. But that was proven wrong through genetic testing. Now, this phenomenon remains a mystery. Here’s what Stephanie had to say;

“A geneticist performed tests and [found] Narnia has only one DNA… there remains a mystery for science”

The perfect split

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The close up is even more fantastic

Via amazingnarnia

Here he is with his very lucky owner!

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Here is what people had to say about Narnia and the fam!

We think so, too!

Indeed they all are. Nature doing a good job!

Parenting done right?


We agree!

Hands down, one of the most cutest cat we’ve ever laid our eyes one. This family is just magnificent! We can’t stress enough on how adorable we thought this was. Hopefully, the genes can carry on for decades. Now, Phoenix and Prada would be elder siblings… why do they grow up so fast?!

Have you ever come across a cat like Narnia, or was this your first time ever? Did you fall in love with them all just like we did? Let us know in the comments section below!

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