Interesting Cat Facts That Even Hardcore Cat Lovers Didn’t Know

If you’re a cat owner, you may think you know everything there is to know about cats. While that might be true in many cases, some people who have been cat owners for years and years still don’t know some facts that we think are important to know. And, if you are thinking of getting a cat real soon, well, then you are certainly at the right place. Because we are here to tell you some unknown facts that might help you out!

We know cats are really cute. We love them for it. They aren’t just cute but also extremely funny and mischievous. Plus, we can’t deny how they use their cuteness to their advantage and practically rule the world (the world being the houses they live in and the people around them). They are the real bosses and we can’t help but give in. It’s just how it works with cats.

Let’s all dive into the real and interesting AF facts about cats that nobody probably told you about. And, if you’re worried these might change your mind, well, we can assure you that they won’t! They are new but not big enough make you go back to not owning a cat. Just scroll down and you’ll see!

1. Black cats are super cute but they are also invisible in pictures

Or, mostly appear as black holes… with eyes. It could be a scary sight but we can’t help but love them even more for being so weird!

2. You might think, initially, that them sleeping too much is something to worry about

But it’s really not! They do have odd sleeping time and they might be up all night from 3 am onwards however, that is nothing to worry about. You just have to endure their extreme hyperactivity during your peaceful sleep.

3. They grow up real fast!

Literally! In the blink of an eye. They’ll suddenly stop fitting in their clothes or beds or even some boxes that they love so much. They will, however, remain kitties from their hearts and try to do everything with their big bodies that they used to do with their little bodies.

4. Cat hair will be everywhere!

Forget about dropping something on the floor and picking it up in 5 seconds expecting it to be all clean. Nope! That won’t work anymore. Wherever you go, sit, lay down, the cat hair will be there. Sticking onto your clothes and other things.

5. They lose their baby teeth.

Just like us humans, they lose their baby teeth, too. They are born without any teeth and they start to grow when the kittens are about 2 to 4 weeks old. By the time they reach 3 to 4 months, their teeth will fall off and the new ones will start coming in shortly

6. Their whiskers also fall off

They whiskers will fall out and regrow. And while you can use them to make potions, don’t actually do it. Also, just because their whiskers fall off, it does not mean that we should be pulling them off as well. That may hurt your cat! You should also expect your cats whiskers to fall off when your cat is going through major changes!

And, we’ve reached the end! Did you know all these or were these new for you? Because they certainly were for us! We can’t get over how these were so wonderfully illustrated for us. What did you think of these? Let us know in the comments section below!


Picture Credits: Maritsa Patrinos

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