Man Transforms Old Tires Into Beds For Stray Animals

Man Transforms Old Tires Into Beds For Stray Animals

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Not all heroes wear capes.

The compassionate Amarildo Silva Filho says “the only way to do a great job is to love what you do.” This specific view of life has sparked up a flame in him to protect and help stray and shelter animals. The talented artist is 23 years old and his love for animals made him quit his job in retail and pursue his dreams of helping animals by crafting upcycled tire beds for animals. And by the looks of it, he is doing an incredible job so far.

How exactly does he transform these tires into beds?

Filho collects tires and donations from streets, and with a lot of care, he cuts and washes them. He adds life to the dull and boring tires by painting them different, bright colors. He sometimes even personalizes them for his special four-legged friends. And ultimately, he sews up a comfortable and small mattress and installs it in the tire, along with some carrying straps. And there we go, adorable doggy and cat beds!

The animals love these beds and curl up in them to keep themselves warm and cozy.

Filho got the inspiration for this amazing project when he came across a dozen old tires in his neighborhood about two years ago. His creative mind saw the potential in those tires to become something useful, so he merged his love for animals and upcycling and put it to use. When he finally finished his first bed, he knew he should continue this project, and ever since then, he has finished a total of 6,000 beds.

The beds are for both cats and dogs, and they love his work equally.

His work has gotten a lot of support and love, so now he even gets personal orders from eco-friendly pet owners from all around the globe. He saw the potential in the trash and turned it into treasure.

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We’re all supporting his selfless work!

He personalizes some beds with the names of the animals.

And the animals appreciate his work.

From dirt to gold, these useless tires can come in handy now.

Look at how happy it makes them!

By painting the tires, he brings colors to the lives of these dogs as well.

Amarildo Silva Filho deserves recognition for his amazing work.

Eco-friendly people from all around the world use his work.

And, needless to say, everyone is very satisfied with it. Look at that smile!

The beds are big enough to fit a couple of pups in them too.

And the strays that had to struggle a lot to find warmth, can now easily sleep in peace.

Those eyes speak for themselves.

His upcycled work has proved to be very useful for stray and shelter animals.

Caominhas Pets: Facebook | Instagram

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